Im a wedge girl

I dont like heels; ever since I was a tom boy I would wear the spice girls platforms or wedges.
So you are not going to see me walking around New York with heels.

My reasons
I want these

This is a city and I walk everywhere so I get my exercise and getting my heels stuck in a floor gate or in a pot hole is not funny, cute, or sexy. The worst is less balance and pain is more on your feet. Dont forget those pebbles in central park.

Am I lazy?
Damn straight. I don’t give a damn about pain equals beauty. That was done with and over after I gave up braids; siting for more than 4 hours getting my head tight and knotted. No way not again (im not saying never). I want to be free and at least close to comfortable. Comfort first or at least most of the time then everything after. Which is why i’m on wigs; no more salon just wait for the mail and *TING* your done

Hells no on this one

Why go for the tiny stick when you can get the same but more of the fun effect with wedges. Actually you look more playful; that is what im going for although I have a serious looking face. No i’m serious I get allot of guys telling me to smile; which I cant refuse cause I do so when shy or nervous. Too bad that gets them more excited to talk to me. Oh well what are you going to do

It looks good…but nope

Well I get that without the wedges *not tall but appear* and I am sure allot of girls get that on the street or from a person you are buying from. Are you a model question don’t come by only when your in heels. Well it gets you closer now with wedges…..well if you do get asked that. I have pretty internet friends I am sure they get asked that allot. Hopefully they don’t giggle like a school girl……what i’m guilty of. Why, why do I do that; I hate doing that Choco gal blush haha.



So are wedges and yet it is more playful. I’m talking for walking around the city , sitting in parks. This is what I do all the time. That and shopping for things (not much of clothes). I personally don’t need heels unless for a wedding or if I feel to out of the blue.

I also adore back packs; the one shoulder thing hurts. Another comfort over pain here. I will pick a back pack over a purse in a second. I want more designer looking one but hey girls love the purse. Its not like I am the type to buy the 100$ and over bag…that is right, my limit for any fashion item is 100$ (and that is for an outfit), not even my shoes are over 50$ unless it will last long like boots. Im a cheapo, a cheapo that believe in the fact that you can look good cheap without looking cheap from make up to clothes. I do spurge on art and food. And do not get me going on technology.


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