Another short post BBcream alternative

Well my camera is still getting fixed or on its way so im just here waiting for it to come back along with lens Ive been waiting for in a whole month now. or whatever the site is (thanks Noxin for the response forgot why I didn’t respond).
But thats not the point of this post. This is a BBcream alternative. Its called

Boo-Boo cover up

Hey looks like bb cream (boo-boo cover)

It heals while you cover up your scars.
Not recommended for around the eyes though.

This hits closer to home, but again I only see one shade of color
figures right.

Well at least you know whats in it
and maybe this would be easier to mix with your foundation.

One thought on “Another short post BBcream alternative

  1. Oooohhh~. o: Interesting. And oh man– I must have missed this post when I was out on hiatus and such. @_@ Oops…

    Anyway– that cream looks super-interesting. If I could find a liquid foundation that didn't break me out, I'd definitely see how these mix. :3 Home-made BB Cream. Haha.

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