I Feel Gay Oh So Gay!! *Parade*

  Obviously I went to the gay parade in the village NYC and it was brilliant. We went all the way to the end of it but was hungry for some Roti and parata cooking at home. So there will be loads of pictures coming, over 70 pictures and a vlog of a bit of live footage

Obviously I adore my new shoes , ill do a review on them and the process on getting them from the site

A chance to wear the necklaces 

No photoshop though I have makeup on. I used the beauty blender so it almost next to no foundation and its worth the buy. I hate slathering makeup to get the cake up look. That is only for Cosplay. Besides after that heat wave I broke out a bit from it and am keeping the makeup light.


I was testing this over the weekend. I met up with my friend for the movies on saturday and then with my bro and other friend for the parade on sunday and used this as an experiment on my lens (the same pink ones). My lens felt like water no pain no rubbing or burning even on the second day which is the parade day. I even watched the whole movie with the lens (don’t recommend but again I’m reviewing this). So for 2 days straight my lens felt comfortable…..more info on that maybe the next post.

Party City.
We went wild on the candy buying
I was looking for cosplay stuff.

Throw back candy

Girl I got no panties on

Can see where the twin towers was with that one tower standing
almost finished 
I think its called the freedom tower now

Here is the end of the line. We couldn’t cross though we don’t want to. We was hungry

Well that was my sunday. ❤


5 thoughts on “I Feel Gay Oh So Gay!! *Parade*

  1. Ahhhhhhhhh! <333

    I am BEYOND jelly. Looks like such an amazing day.

    Also…. delicious food was had.

    Also, your outfit/coord is so gorgeous. (And it looks like you probably didn't overheat or anything. :3)

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