Its finally out

We didn’t plan to put it on Facebook but work got in the way AND WE NEED TO VOTE. But why not its just for now. The quality have downgraded so much from the original cause of some problems but that is not the point, its that we worked together and did it and just with two editors (one in training) and 4 models (not including myself I was mostly drawing and editing). 
I cant do or say much cause I’m finally coding the site and I have newer tricks to try out before I get to costumers. And to thing I would of drawn some illustrations this week.

Also every edition will have a new free download of the kind, most likely wallpaper cause I love doing them. Today was a bit hectic,even my mothers tooth been pulled out which did confuse my working hours.

Thanks for all the downloads btw. That was pretty fast, if you have any suggestions on the newer wallpaper let me know what you would want for your phone. (back to coding)


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