MLP fluttershy inspired eyes; Pretty pictures

I just started drawing on my face and it was inspired by My Little Pony

I wore the wings cause of fluttershy the same with the rose necklace.

the downwards lashes to match her downwards eyes and her eyes is kind of greenish blue so I picked the green part of it.

now to eat some thanksgiving din din yet again.

photoshop was used to enhance ….things haha


10 thoughts on “MLP fluttershy inspired eyes; Pretty pictures

  1. I love the way you over extend your eyeliner in your inner corner. I always wanted to do that but my eyes water so much it would be gone in like 2 minutes haha! Love this look very well done, i like the double or more wing eyeliner as well! xD

  2. its so hard to make it point perfectly and evenly XD. Maybe you should try gel eyeliner or waterproof liquid eyeliner.

    Thanky you so much ❤

  3. YAY thank you. Its eye shadow in the middle of my lips the same color on my eyes with a bit of gloss over it. You should try it ^^

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