Gyaru Makeup Trick

Some pictures and a video 

I just wanted to share a tiny trick to get aspiring gals closer to their look. Its only a tool to use not a rule, lets say pre-lashes stage. This is not on my channel but on the black gyaru channel, so enjoy

Ask Me!

It seems ive been misleading most. I swear people would know of my personality just by my videos, but its one of those things that happens with others who just make up an idea of you because of the way that you look aka pretty. You know how hard that is to say? Not cause I think im ugly, no, its because I consider it as boastful when I say it, and I dont want to give off that idea at all.
 And this is off and on the camera the labeling. I dont get it, I swear most know of me cause im not any different…..well I think, from my blogs and or videos. So I just want to know? What do you want to know about me?

Here is a pretty picture to make things pretty

You can be anon actually its a curiosity thing I have of how people perceive me due to past and present events. On my blog, tumblr, have a go. Ill make a vid of it in the end. Dont know how long ill wait. btw, give me a good laugh. SPAZ DONT YOU DEAR SEND ANYTHING. Im already laughing at the opportunities from you.

EOS Max Sherbet/ My makeup for the new year

I have received two pairs of lens from my favorite go to lens store kiwiberry1-collection.
I used to mistakenly always call them kiwi strawberry, or 1 kiwi berry but I finally got it.
They have never let me down with the shipping, it is always the same and just as similar to everyone else’s; a week to two weeks to ship.
Ever since I started gal and or wore lenses for cosplay, I would always order from them. I would test out others water but im always back to kiwi so im glad im part of my favorite go to lens store. 
“The video of the lens review will hopefully be up before the year has ended.”
 I have a code you can use!
You can get 15% off your order

Here I will be reviewing EOS WM-205 Max Sherbet Grey
but you should know my preference by now. I’ll tell you anyway what I like in circle lens
-one tone color-
-theree tone for the realistic days-
So I never really test out other kinds of lens cause I would go for one certain type. 
Im glad I can experiment with other kinds of lenses now
These lens are pretty plain, it has a bit of the vampy look but its not my type….yet I love it as I look at it more and dont know why. Maybe because it fits the makeup or its subtle enough to wear everywhere; which dont matter much to me but I guess if im in a situation for a subtle look. And even though its grey I would call this more of my black lens, but don’t listen to me its grey it shows well and the pictures will tell.
From far away its like a glimmer of grey but no one will guess too much of grey eyes though more of shiny eyes. 
Enlargement you’ll see more of in the video, long story short it does do its job; its just my makeup, its dramatic making it look smallish…….8/10
Comfort is not much. For 3hr straight you may not feel much but after that its a bit bothersome. You can feel it in your eyes and you may need drops……..5/10
Design is simple but has character. The grey ends sharply at the pupil and the pupil hole is huge so you won’t see color when you move your eyes around……..7/10
Come again I think so, though I would try out more black/grey lens im sure there are better ones………but as I look at the pictures I love it more and more. Im glad I have it……… 7/10
Overall I would buy again, but the comfort would keep me trying out for more lens 7.5/10
~Now for my makeup
Ive made plenty mistakes but I will only learn from them. Ugh one of the mistakes is in the video but now I know what it looks like and I do need to do that action next time. Ramble off about my makeup.
started with cosplay, then to udoli, then it was all gyaru and now I want to be more extreme yet still gyaru; for me at least. I want to be more adventurous and glam. More blending more shapes more experimenting. Ulzzang will still be my natural look and gyaru a bit more glam but for videos and artistry I want to be more extreme like this; Ivy I call it.
And so far I like what im doing,  how many gyaru eye shapes can I do, really?
To think of it either way its a gyaru look cause im gyaru, unless I call it something else, so not to worry im sure.

So look out  2013 

New page – The "free stuff" tab

Its self explanatory, I have a new page up on my blog and the tab is called “free stuff”. Since working for “yok” magazine  I have bee more creative with backgrounds, but at times I know some will rather the simple over the extravagant (mostly my non gyaru readers). So any scrap or anything simple or whatever I want to give will be there.
Now I am not saying it would be updated frequently, I am just saying check it out once in awhile, maybe there will be something new. Also you can leave a comment there on what you’d like to see. I dont know how others think and new ideas can get me going. Its not a guarantee but its a start…literally.

L’Oreal bb Cream review / Make post…BOOBS

I never really noticed my boobs being out much (I blurred them for most of the picture), but as I go on im not going to care. As long and my BF is cool with my pictures I don’t mind showing them. I mean for pudding sakes I attend the labor day parade, I am a trini and this picture is a saint compared to what I look like around that time or anytime around the summer.
Anyway, I am glad I had these pictures stashed as most of you know I have an eye infection, and I want to do makeup so bad. I have some looks to do, but of course when I can do it ill be so un-inspired.
B.B Cream 
Ill let the pictures review it ( Its the darkest btw)

 It sucks.
Its sparkly and even after it oxidized it did not help the ashiness of the cream. 
Definite waste of time and money and cause of it from here on its going to be photoshopped pictures but not of the most important part, the eye makeup.

 Trinity aka Tin tin

 Well there yah go