L’Oreal bb Cream review / Make post…BOOBS

I never really noticed my boobs being out much (I blurred them for most of the picture), but as I go on im not going to care. As long and my BF is cool with my pictures I don’t mind showing them. I mean for pudding sakes I attend the labor day parade, I am a trini and this picture is a saint compared to what I look like around that time or anytime around the summer.
Anyway, I am glad I had these pictures stashed as most of you know I have an eye infection, and I want to do makeup so bad. I have some looks to do, but of course when I can do it ill be so un-inspired.
B.B Cream 
Ill let the pictures review it ( Its the darkest btw)

 It sucks.
Its sparkly and even after it oxidized it did not help the ashiness of the cream. 
Definite waste of time and money and cause of it from here on its going to be photoshopped pictures but not of the most important part, the eye makeup.

 Trinity aka Tin tin

 Well there yah go


21 thoughts on “L’Oreal bb Cream review / Make post…BOOBS

  1. OMG, it's like you have magic powers and can transform when you do makeup!! =O I'm so jelly that I only have average skills when it comes to me having to do it, grrrr >__<

  2. aww crap, they too? This is why I love ben nye. Its so hard to find products that dont test on animal especially if your looking for specifics like bbcream.

    hahah its the first thing I screamed when editing the picture. I seriously didnt notice.
    Tanks allot ❤

  3. Thank you so much.
    these kinds of bbcreams will disappear off the shelf soon enough. Its such a waist of time.

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