Ask Me!

It seems ive been misleading most. I swear people would know of my personality just by my videos, but its one of those things that happens with others who just make up an idea of you because of the way that you look aka pretty. You know how hard that is to say? Not cause I think im ugly, no, its because I consider it as boastful when I say it, and I dont want to give off that idea at all.
 And this is off and on the camera the labeling. I dont get it, I swear most know of me cause im not any different…..well I think, from my blogs and or videos. So I just want to know? What do you want to know about me?

Here is a pretty picture to make things pretty

You can be anon actually its a curiosity thing I have of how people perceive me due to past and present events. On my blog, tumblr, have a go. Ill make a vid of it in the end. Dont know how long ill wait. btw, give me a good laugh. SPAZ DONT YOU DEAR SEND ANYTHING. Im already laughing at the opportunities from you.


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