2013: NYC Winter Gal Meet

So we all met at the bubble tea shop “Vivi bubble tea“, and it didn’t really take that long for everyone to meet up. We’d only missed one person and we didn’t have any number and an hour has past so we left for dumplings.
Chavaughn Graham
Cara McDonald
Hannah Isokawaii
Uwaa Rinrin
Also: I have a mini blog….just look on top where my header is. Remember I deactivated my instagram so there is where im going to post my random pictures for now on…that and my tumblr, maybe. Inspo from XX of course.
Now onto the meet~
I always stab the straw in the mouth

Hannz face XD
We were super cold but it was worth it.
Praise Bunneh for finding the new purrika (chinese) booth. Almost every second in the booth we would call the lady in to help us navigate the thing. She didn’t seem to mind us being there and being loud, one bit. We thanked her still, but it looks to me like she was glad we where there. I can’t wait to go back, so much fun.
Blurry but funny
The red is my favorite
I will be having a post up about this “DIY Wing bag” and its process.
I am so proud of it. I am waiting now for my belt that is in the mail
So as usual we found a spot to take pictures with that has no shops and a must, huge mirrors. But we looked too suspicious it seems, because after 25 minutes or so of  our cam whoring, this man with a walkie started to tell us to move on. But there is no stores around, so no sealing, AND we were out of peoples ways. We took our sweet time to leave.
I would of loved to change my jeans into black jeans right about then.
Im trying to find good lighting…we all were
So vain 
Onto another shopped filled with korean and japanese goods. Beautiful shop and have great deals similar to spending over a certain amount to get a free bag or free products. I need to go back on my birthday, which is another deal.
My lazy nails
On to lunch
The one with the shrimp is mine
The food was great, the ambiance cool and mild, the prices normal.
The in-famous shrimp (ask bunneh)
Then we just started to browse the city stores nearby 
And some had to go, we all did sooner than later.
Do you know how to read that clock. 
The year, month, minutes, seconds are there.
this was 
january 5th 2013 8:58:09 pm / 20:58:09
 God luck in decoding that, most likely you’ll have to be there to decode it cause of the timer at the end. 
The wand smokes exactly 12pm and am

Here is what I got
the free stuff from the shop
going to collect more and do a review 

I bought a pump for my foundation. I only break out after using my old foundation and from the way I use it I dont blame my skin. Bottles like these needs a pump
Another free item
Pictures from the other Gals
Thankyou for letting me use some of your pictures gals

I would love to find a foundation for when using flash its as bright and glowy as my shoulders.
AND I think I have found my new flash/ photo bomb face


24 thoughts on “2013: NYC Winter Gal Meet

  1. OMG I always love seeing pictures from gal meets!! Makes me wish I had some people to meet up with too, but sadly prob. never will unless I move =( Love your face in the last picture LOL and your outfit =D

  2. haha I dont even remember making that face for the last one, its literally this —> 8D
    aww allot of gals have this problem, I think thats why bunneh travels so much.
    Thanks for you comment btw

  3. …is the purikura machine really new, though? :/ Looks like the same old crap they've always had. Or at least the same quality.

    lol is it still like $20 for one sheet or something?

  4. Yeah it was around 20$ and more of a new location/ new owner since it was closed before.

    I havent seen the old one so I dont know, hell it could be the same people and store. I just know this place has 2 of them (think the same brand) and I am not sure if the one on the other side is working either she just pointed us to the closest one.

  5. It's probably the same that's been in there for years. After Toto's, I can't go back to that one. Way too expensive for not that good graphic options e_e It's nice that they send it to you through email with their whole “2 for 30” deal (if they still have that) but I hate crowding in a machine to save money for a meh sheet of stuff…

  6. Looks like soo much fun!!! Im an “Aspiring” Gal and would love to be invited to the next meet up if thats okay =]

    my tumblr is AshleyLightyear =]

  7. Yeah its my first so it doesnt bother me much, but if I seen cheaper and or then raised the price, I'd be in the same boat as you. Im not paying 10$ when in the past I used to pay, lets say 5$.

  8. I get to finally try it FINALLY.

    And thank you, the glue was a pain on black faux leather, but I made it through ❤

  9. I can't wait till I see that DIY bag post, it looks adorbs and your eye make up is so nice 😀 Hannah's hair is just so damn sexy! She really put that wig to werk. Your accessories collection must be out of this world btw…like…I would die if I had a quarter of the amount of awesome accessories you have .__. So many black gals too! 😀 The food p0rnz bit is making me buy some sushi nao…thanks for making me spend more money Phillie >:x darn you, I thought we wuz coo!!

  10. Eeee thank you. Yeah hannz hair is a star haha, red looks good on her.
    And ebay is good and evil, with buying all these accessories, it is never enough because there are different designs for each search.

    You did it to me furst, now I have my revenge. >D

  11. We need to practice our photobomb faces now. It looks like that is all we are going to do for the future XD

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