This is an emergency post

I might make this a tab for future use. But its about google and their bullshit.
It haven’t happened to me yet but it happened to people around me, the deletion of blogs and youtube accounts, and usually its constant. I dont even have adsense on anymore on my youtube because anyone who has an agenda can multi click your videos and send it into deletion. I think I have it on here , but they dont care for blogs as much unless its in the page visits area.

Im sure most of the people that follows me here knows of Xiaxue and her problem. My problem with google is their lack of communication. I have a youtube account and even now if I want questions its not through a person, its on auto on forms and pages. That always bothered me with youtube.

I transfered all my blog post to  cause I dont think I can go through it with google, and I advise many of my blogger friends to the do same, it is so darn easy to transfer your post over to wordpress. Now ill have to restart on my coding but I hear its not too hard to do so.

Im not saying im leaving now,  im preparing myself. And if wordpress looks good with my coding, then I may tranfer over before the end of this year. Im tired of google and its antics and its lack of communication especially with all the money they have. I did it with instagram and im not ashamed to start over again.

Whats good about my url” is I can switch it any time to another location, and whoever follows me by “” will be lead over to the address and its not too much of a problem to find me. So its not much of a big let down for me, other than another company taking over yet again of what have been great

RIP instagram, youtube, blogspot


10 thoughts on “This is an emergency post

  1. I switched from blogger to wordpress MONTHS ago. I cannot stand the way google handles things. I have a self hosted wordpress blog (wordpress.ORG) so I have total control over my blog and what's on there. Another good thing about the self hosted blogs is that you don't have to pay to have a custom URL, you don't have to pay to change your HTML/CSS and can upload any theme templates you like, and you can have as much space as your host allows. Finding a decent host and having a domain is your only setback but I think it's far worth it in comparison to buying extra features through wordpress.COM which can get expensive.Just a thought! Good luck with your move. :)♥Jazmyn

  2. I'm sick of Google's crap too, if they wanna take over the internet world at least be professional. UGH, I've thought about switching to WordPress a long time ago but am scared because I don't know how to do coding and I JUST reached 100 followers on my blogger and it took SO long to get them + I've seen how most people wont follow you where ever you go unless you're really popular =( I know I'll be following you LOL, but I might switch to WordPress in a few months once I learn how to use it first because I'm not taking this crap anymore

  3. You dont have to switch right away (just transport all your post from here to there), im thinking I can use both blogs till google takes the one away from me. I still do love blogger but im not going to be a fool and let them take 'MY" information and "my" post away because they think something is wrong without giving me notice. They love to delete first and well, let us ask later, they dont even ask we have to do the work. And yes I know it takes long to get followers (and if you move over there I will follow you back as well) but making the transfer the way im doing it will kind of bring your voice in more than one place and I seen people hold 2 blogs before in japanese and english. I wanted to make a tumblr blog but tumblr is changing allot these days and I never considered tumblr a blog, ever, and I still can't.

  4. Running two blogs at the same time sounds good, that way I can try to build my followers back and all but once I sync all my post there will I have to just copy and paste new posts there or if I sync it again will it just sync the new post for me? That would make things a lot easier and I can see what you mean, Google doesn't really help anyone unless they're interntet famous or something =/

  5. Yeah I read about that… so crazy. I'd probably back up my posts just in case. But it sucks because you can't really transfer your follow count to wordpress :/ as far as I know anyways. And I absolutely suck at coding but I'ma have to figure it out..

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