My new wig and some makeup practice

I think I would look good with no hair. Just go bald, but……no
I didnt want these pictures to go to waste, I would usually take pictures and store them when I have nothing to blog about, but when the time comes it is old, yet I still keep them. 
Also recently my stomach haven’t feeling back to normal yet so blogging or doing anything really is soggy feeling, if that make any sense to you. Hopefully by my birthday and when my boyfriend is here ill feel gleeful again. Hey im going to be 26, and I still feel 18 no lie.
Yes, mah face
So I dont have a eye makeup look that I am comfortable with to go back to for gyaru. I think I have a clue, but then my style changes because Im inspired by something else. I do know though, I want to color my eyebrows. 

Im always trying something new so I figured I should contour my nose with color. I stayed with red to be safe, the same for eyebrows.

And here it is, what it is? I dont know, but I do adore the wig and I may take awhile going back to jet black.


11 thoughts on “My new wig and some makeup practice

  1. I do and I have tried many styles and wigs over the years. This is the best color on me in real life, next to ultramarine blue and jet black. Makeup always look good with no hair because with no hair to distract the makeup, all you can see is makeup ^^

  2. Tuuuuutooooooooooooriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!No seriously, when I first saw this on the FB group's page my jaw dropped at how stunning you look. Definitely one of my favorite looks on you and I never thought of contouring with a different color other thank dark brown so that's pretty neat that you did it like that. Your new wig is doing you so much justice too ❤ Sorry to hear about your stomach :/ Feel better soon!

  3. I love love love the looks you come up with ! So cute!I actually love that color wig, i want to a wig/weave that color but im so scared it wont look right. I have done like accents of that color in my hair but idk if all that color would look right mehh!

  4. Tutorial, well I guess a second try at this will make it more neat. I think I should, I dont really use red shadow much XDI cant wait to see it on camera. I wonder what it will look like, ill be so mad if it comes out any kind of off XD. AND I FEEL BETTERS XDDDDDD

  5. I was so scared as well, but go to a wig shop and make sure you are comfortable with the person showing you colors. Im sure some would give snarky comments. The safest color is one shade over your own skin tone and you'll be fine. There is so many types of blonde & browns in the shades red , ashy and yellow. One is a definite match for you.

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