My new wig and some makeup practice

I think I would look good with no hair. Just go bald, but……no

I didnt want these pictures to go to waste, I would usually take pictures and store them when I have nothing to blog about, but when the time comes it is old, yet I still keep them.

Also recently my stomach haven’t feeling back to normal yet so blogging or doing anything really is soggy feeling, if that make any sense to you. Hopefully by my birthday and when my boyfriend is here ill feel gleeful again. Hey im going to be 26, and I still feel 18 no lie.

Yes, mah face


So I dont have a eye makeup look that I am comfortable with to go back to for gyaru. I think I have a clue, but then my style changes because Im inspired by something else. I do know though, I want to color my eyebrows.

Im always trying something new so I figured I should contour my nose with color. I stayed with red to be safe, the same for eyebrows.

And here it is, what it is? I dont know, but I do adore the wig and I may take awhile going back to jet black.


2 thoughts on “My new wig and some makeup practice

  1. That wig is amazing on you. You should stick with blonde for a while! I think it looks awesome on girls with darker skin–the contrast is wonderful.

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