Jochan ViVi Miekayo Is Fake

(Something happened recently so im blogging to keep my mind positive.
……positive, haha.)
dedicated to Amber XD

Lets start out with me saying I was an udoli, I have chemo brain so things I would like to remember like high school and some parts of college, unless I have documented it, I wont remember it and tanks god I dont remember much about udoli because there are behind the scene events I have never knew was going on. So I dont remeber much of the udoli days, just that I met most of the black gals I know there and it was the first style I ran into on the internet which back then I was devoted to.

The Udoli then is not like the one now so get over it, get over Vivi, get over saying udoli is the black ulzzang because it is not anymore. It was basically just a word made up for black girls who wanted to be ulzzang in the myspace days. I did have experience in ulzzang groups where they wont accept me (this is my pre-photoshop days) and I didnt know it was all about photoshop abusing then as the same now. That is why I understand how girls of all ages fall for dakota Rose and other dolls of the internet then mistaken them as real.

Now I dont know much of Vivi’s personality and of course she can choose to be nice to me and be horrid to others and in fact I think that is what she did. But im not going to talk of her personality, but of her appearance and her misleading ways to the persons that dont know.

She photoshops her hair? And was very bad at it.

Look at the copy paste, clone tool going on there. The same strand over and over again and honestly I never really looked at her pictures enough to see that obvious cloning, I always though she had the best wigs and wanted to get them myself because they were full and the shape was pretty ulzzang realated.
Her nose
You are telling me that this nose is that nose? And there goes that hair again on the top right
Circle lens dont fit flat on your eyes like that….ever. This one on the right is misshapen and pupils are round, why is it so squiggly? Those lens is an alien to the whole picture, its was never there and it is invading her eyes.


These two are the same people? Also, no one knows where she is from

She is black, she is not japanese, she dont live there and im sure of you she has never been.
oh hey
This to ——————————————————–> This
That girl on the left my friends is the closest to vivi. No high angles, no blur, or bright bathroom lightning, no shopped lashes and circle lens, yet still have the upper lip going on there. This is …….well I dont know her real name, but this is the girl who had invented ViVi jochan miekayo
Here she looks like she didnt photoshop her face as much and when I say photoshop I mean increaseing and decreasing sizes and shaps of her face/body/hair/etc….

…..REALLY? Im sorry but fake photoshopped lashes and lens should be banned from being posted or pass as an actual style and only should be used to see what it would look like, not to be posted as an actual picture. Its just weird okay.

Photoshopped eye makeup and blush…looks like the blush and eyeshadow are from the same photoshop palette 

ahhh, the photoshopped hair is back

She didnt pull in her lips this time…well not as much.  
She hides her top lips allot, its always spread out, covered with something or pulled in.

THIS IS VIVI. She didnt learn the blur tool as yet and still spreading her top lip.

and we are back to discovering the shopped lashes and bluuuuuurrrrr

her eyes is not that big by the way. 
So here you go, I hope I didnt destroy your dreams. 
Like I said for Komi the expert character
ViVi is the same thing; a character and if you know this, go on to praising her like a god and if not, well Im glad I can open your eyes more the to internet world. This is how we play.

 ugh they have more news, im not going to spell/grammar check this


108 thoughts on “Jochan ViVi Miekayo Is Fake

  1. See the thing is, I can have a public opinion even if you feel its mean or nice.And who cares? Me, I obviously wrote a post about it and I feel I have the right to announce a warning to people to not believe in everything you see on the internet because unlike makeup, photoshop defies gravity and all that is impossible to do without technology.Also, in the new tech of photoshop at the time it was not AND STILL ISNT TO SOME noticed that this is photoshopped, so stop deciding for everyone you haven't meet and claiming they are idiots. Some people just dont pay attention to some things as much as others because that is not their field or they are new to it. Its like saying everyone should know this information because its the internet. The internet is not school, they dont teach things like this specifically…..yet. People still fall for magazines obviously and is maybe catching on to commercials using AF. And last, not everyone knows what i know and I have the right to share it and I have the right to feel that this is not only nice that im doing so, but a contribution to this community. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I find her pretty/cute whether she uses PS or not [You can tell she does in some pics.] but don't really give 2fucks about the other stuff.You guys are like the fashion police of faux pas. Grow up children.

  3. also I understand that you can post your opinions I also understand that you think people should know c: It just makes me sad that you all were fighting in the comments >< i hope one day you all wont be mad at each other!

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