Boston Con Pt1: The cosplayers

The food and outfit post are going to be the next post. Also the things my BF got me which is basically 85% iron man. You know Im a fan right….Right? Its kind of obvious by now.
It was 4 of us; me, my best friend Jo/ Spaz who is the queen, my boyfriend and my other friend Victor who is the hatter. But this post is about the convention and the cosplayers, not much to talk about just look at the pictures there are enough of them and if I type in anymore this is going to be a massive post. 

About my products and A little iron. New Video

Just a tiny update on the products im planning to put in my store and why I take so long to get it there.
Overall I over think everything. Everything I plan to sell is purely handmade and as you can see in the above picture there is a hammer, some glue, wire clippers, charms, studs, paint, acetone for clean up hooks, heavy thread, needles and my playstation for youtube videos.
And you know how long I researched on the leather material to use? If I get real its expensive and I wont be able to sell for cheap and if I get cheap to fake its flimsy
So I have to glue the cheaper version (can you tell which one) together to make its solid and give a good feel to it. Im proud of the results.
So now I have my basic plan and I plan to add the newer creations (pictures in this post below) after I come back from the vacation this weekend. I leave on thursday for Boston’s Anime convention and I don’t want to be away when I need to send them out.
I am also thinking of hair clips
Here is the give away item I made specifically for the give away. 
I have glued in a pearl to fill in the space. I do that allot

And here is the backing. 
I have to sew on each hook and if too messy I glue a flower over the thread. 

The top and bottom are different by the way

and I can finally sell this

Here are the charms to choose from and if you check below you’ll see what it would look like if you have chosen the skull. I have only two of these to sell.
Here is the iron
Unboxing of my Good SMILE Company 
Iron Man Mark 7 Heros Edition

And yes he is adorable and tiny. But the 50$ was worth it.

80 pictures of pillows and food…..Purple hair thoughs

So finally posting my pictures of the pillow fight, which I think was in march and it dont need any explaining for much of that part. Ill see you by the food pictures. Also I am hang ing out with my brother, his friend Stimpy and my high-school friend and her friend. 

Need this in my life

Yay vegan food place
I went here twice; after the pillow fight and after iron man 3. I carried my meat mouth brother his meat mouth friend and my friend paul (which was after iron) who listened to my meat mouth brother for pep talk. There was also another friend of my brother who dont eat fish. THEY ALL LOVED IT. I swear on my right drawing hand that this food taste if not better but just like real food. Most times its the same texture and look and im telling you, its GLORIOUS. 

Spinage dumplings. It tasted excellent 

fried popcorn shrimp

The fries makes you die

chicken parmesan sandwich (recommend)

look at how it looks inside

my vegan burger

Gelato pops. I had mines dipped in dark chocolate 

After Iron Man 3. I forgot what this was but it was good curry
And for both times I ate I felt full but didn’t feel disgusted with myself and for both times I slept during the rest of the day and night till the other morning. It was beautiful I recommend “Red Bamboo 140 west 4th street NYC 10012″ or just red -It must be that good for me to copy the business card to my blog.
Okay this sweet and sour dragon thing is the best Ive tasted so far on the menu next to the fried shrimp in spices
Paul kept asking where were the chickens. if he goes back in the kitchen and find feathers. The waitress said its tofu feathers XD.
This is after the Iron Man 3 movie day. Didnt wear lens because 
One I already wore my lens too long last week 
Two I was going to see a Real IMAX 3D movie
I am going to forever wear purple hair as much as I can. Im going to order more of them and keep it that way. Its a perfect balance of color and shine and the feel is wonderful. I just need the wavy one because curly is just too much to handle….also I think the box said it takes heat as well.