About my products and A little iron. New Video

Just a tiny update on the products im planning to put in my store and why I take so long to get it there.
Overall I over think everything. Everything I plan to sell is purely handmade and as you can see in the above picture there is a hammer, some glue, wire clippers, charms, studs, paint, acetone for clean up hooks, heavy thread, needles and my playstation for youtube videos.
And you know how long I researched on the leather material to use? If I get real its expensive and I wont be able to sell for cheap and if I get cheap to fake its flimsy
So I have to glue the cheaper version (can you tell which one) together to make its solid and give a good feel to it. Im proud of the results.
So now I have my basic plan and I plan to add the newer creations (pictures in this post below) after I come back from the vacation this weekend. I leave on thursday for Boston’s Anime convention and I don’t want to be away when I need to send them out.
I am also thinking of hair clips
Here is the give away item I made specifically for the give away. 
I have glued in a pearl to fill in the space. I do that allot

And here is the backing. 
I have to sew on each hook and if too messy I glue a flower over the thread. 

The top and bottom are different by the way

and I can finally sell this

Here are the charms to choose from and if you check below you’ll see what it would look like if you have chosen the skull. I have only two of these to sell.
Here is the iron
Unboxing of my Good SMILE Company 
Iron Man Mark 7 Heros Edition

And yes he is adorable and tiny. But the 50$ was worth it.


3 thoughts on “About my products and A little iron. New Video

  1. All the stuff you made looks so cute! And I was confused when you said "iron" you should of put "Iron Man" LOL, he is cute though. I like him and Thor the best<3

  2. You're a beast…at making amazing accessories and a sexy beast 😉 I am waiting for when I get off early on my next shift at work to film the video of the items you sent me. I want it to not be rushed so that's why it's taken me a while and for that I'm so sorry!

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