Boston Con Pt1: The cosplayers

The food and outfit post are going to be the next post. Also the things my BF got me which is basically 85% iron man. You know Im a fan right….Right? Its kind of obvious by now.
It was 4 of us; me, my best friend Jo/ Spaz who is the queen, my boyfriend and my other friend Victor who is the hatter. But this post is about the convention and the cosplayers, not much to talk about just look at the pictures there are enough of them and if I type in anymore this is going to be a massive post. 


8 thoughts on “Boston Con Pt1: The cosplayers

  1. So good cosplays. *O* And all the stuff they are selling… I would be poor (I love Madoka, KuroBasu, Sailor Moon and UtaPri). ^^' Why don't they sell stuff like that in here Finland? ;__;

  2. OMG, so jelly yet again!! XD I've still never been to a con before but have always wanted to go to Momocon since it has my name in it + is always held 2 hours away from me, but I never have enough money to get a hotel room and have money to spend >__<" Looks like you had a great time and I LOVE your cosplay!!<3

  3. Oh my, you are so beautiful! *_____*Could you tell me which style do you represent?Also, could you advice me where to buy wigs as amazing as you have?<3 ❤ ❤

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