Amazing pictures of my SailorMoon mirror Compact

*the plastic is on, on the bottom*


This is how the video is going to look. I recorded a video to show the details close to real life and also a review on my fangs and suki mascara. I dont like to write much but I dont need to anyway the pictures does speack for itself. There is a few unedited and other slightly more edited photos, ill tell you which is which. It is just for the pretty looks becuase this thing is sexy and I couldn’t handle myself. 



The picture all the way on top is not edited as well as what follows on the bottom. Edited means just the surrounding of the object but not of its original color and shape. I think the lighting made it a slight more golder but not by that much. 



I just…….



Look how hot it is. I enjoyed taking its photos so much that I ran out of space on my card. I really didn’t need all those pictures of the same side or gems, but I couldn’t help myself.


 The bottom mirror is bigger by 5x compared to the top. So those lashes can be seen if the glue is not working.

 Its made of alloy metal (talking of the mirror not the Altoids, which btw is where my fangs are nesting.)

 The paint is not paint its epoxy, which is a resin and let me tell you. NO FINGER PRINTS. You can touch the front as much as you want and its as smooth as eggs with no smudges, but the back well I didn’t want to take off the plastic (which you can see in the very first picture) But no one is looking at the back are they?


This is what starlight shipped it in. The bigger box; which couldn’t fit in my light box, was also filled with those same peanuts, they were very carefull. Here is the layers ~

-Bubble wrapped

-packing peanuts


-packing peanuts

-bigger box.



The size; this gold is the real color as well, very accurate.


 It cant open all the way but enough for you to look into the two mirrors 




This is my baby and I rather this over any other Sailor moon merch from the real company, do you know why? Its not cheap looking or made of cheap plastic that you have to keep it in the box to keep it clean. This is helpful, sturdy and have weight to it, it feels real and even more real than what the original toys, yes toys are. If im going to collect them I will want to show them off and will want them to last, not in a box hiding from dust……thats for my iron man/Harry potter collections XD.


Speaking about collecting,  

Starlight Studio have informed me that next year they will be making 1 or 2 more compacts next year. The first one is there already (ill put links on the bottom of this post) and if this happen ill be collecting all including the first to have a collection.


Starlight studios if you are reading this my email is ; 

You email me when they are going to be on sale so I can save up and buy ASAP. 


Now back to pretty pictures and these are the slightly more edited ones, enjoy!

















I adore her so much and I am keeping my fingers crossed for the other compacts. 

And hopefully they will get into jewelry too (which they kind of have already)



Okay i love you bye bye ~


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