Suki Vitamin-e Lipgloss: Asian Product on African Skin



I have three products I have reviewed here, 2 came in one package and its an off brand drugstore called “Dolly  Dolly”. 

They dont sell them anymore because its crap I suppose. 


To make things clear I didn’t Photoshop or touch the lips in the result pictures.

 Suki came in such a pretty box I didnt want to throw it away.

 The English is as horrendous as mine but they’re right; it is soft and moisturizing. It feels really good on the lips.




But first the “Dolly Dolly”


 Two in a pack and it was around 5$ I think. My lips are bare here.

 Put it on……

 …..and not much of a change yet this is the most pigmented on the two.


 Nope, its a waste for an over sea product.


 Lips bare again.

 Here comes the “Suki”

 And there is a change even on my lips.

 Its very pretty, a subtle yet natural look


I also gave it a gradient by putting a more pigmented red on the inner parts of my lips and it looks amazing.


 You can tell which is the suki.


 Ill be using the suki as a lip balm and the “Dolly” As back up in separate bags.

Here are the more dolly pictures





Excuse the wig it was around 12$ on ebay.

 Im going to give it a second soak in conditioner when im not lazy.

Okay I love you bye bye ~



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