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And I update them more because there are more people there. Im not even sure if anyone is following this one (because I still dont know the mechanics). Its why it takes me awhile to upload ❤

The Start of my new years

So we literally went through miles of travel and snow to do this and thats a first to me. I love warmness and home and I dont know how I left the front door, the train was easier than I though but still hard to get there. I would have to pay for fair twice because there is no transfer unless you go back to Manhattan then back to queens. I didn’t have it that bad , I didn’t have to travel far like most. Im glad the girls are safely back at home.

There was only one main camera and it was my iPhone. Malias was mostly used as video.

The Start of my new years


I think we all borrow from Malia

I had her socks

The shoes finally, it was dry so I could of wore them.

Finally Malia. So very thankful for her letting us in her home. Perfect host.

We got to the club around 1am and got out 4am. All was sleepy but not as much as Cleo XD.

We had loads of fun and may do it again for my birthday next month.

On the train we met the best of the two DJs and he invited us back again. He was an excellent DJ. He gave us his number so we can come back in free. There was also nice people inside when we were tired me ask how much was for water and he said 6$. We gladly left but right after a nice buff black guy gave each of us bottles of water.

We were the faves of the night; we kept getting asked to go and dance on stage.

New time im wearing flat sneakers though I can dance in platforms XD

Fact: platforms are perfect in the snow.

I also made a new choker and my instagram http://instagram.com/heirofglee has the video

Anyway, thank you for reading I love you bye bye.

RedPanda Gyaru tutorial and Twilight lens review; Video









Shipping : Normal (a month)


Communication : Normal


Packaging : Adorable, Functional, A+














Comfort: 9.5/10 (gets dry cause heavy) 


Color: PEEERRRRfet yellow (at times green)


Opacity: 10/10


Not Natural by far


Visible in any light


Conversation starter




Lip Tar : Anime












Hey, My last post of 2013 and my first whole year Gyaru.

Can only go up from here ❤ data-blogger-escaped-p=””>

Okay happy New Years i love you by by.



Dark Normal Frog to Succubus Gyaru Doll


I am proud of my art work as well and how much it has evolved in color and style.

Its like my style and my hands evolved together


As for Painting this is where I am and I am so ecstatic 






JAN: That was my first gal meet and I already forgot but I think I started gal this year officially. Before then I was practicing gal, I was not really gyaru till I though I was ready. So if that’s me when im ready what was I before?


FEB: I would like to try that makeup look again, it was fun


APR: is when I first tried purple and I ADORE IT SO MUCH ❤ data-blogger-escaped-p=””>


JULY: It was my secound gal meet if you dont include the spring one. 


SEPT: is something I can go back to


DEC: is suppose to be the last tutorial this year XD

I leave the color to my hair and lips and just do big black eyes now ❤ data-blogger-escaped-br=””>


Should I try Green hair?……..NAWHHHH
Happy holidays/ New years