Kawaii bookbags Tiger head Spikes Coffin and Wings Video

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I took the Tiger bag (Tyrone) out for a run and you can guess that I have gotten allot of views, allot of touching and allot of comments. Well, you are very right and it didnt stop. Some even bonded with the thing and started conversations, a ghetto family also laughed at it but when I stared at them with my deep and soulless yellow eyes they would shut up and look away, side note I adore my resting face. Little kids are the cutest “mommy her hair is purple” and as I prance the other direction “OMG HER BAG”.


I cant wait to do this all summer ❤ data-blogger-escaped-p=””>Okay I love you byebye ~

Pictures of my dolly natural look

The video of the tutorial will be up later but for now, PICTURES!!!

Just as good as food porn

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I think im going to add bangs to my purple lace front, I had a bad experience with a new order of a wig so ill have to just update my older wig a little until I get a newer wig. The bad experience is again from alliexpress, should I make a post about it?

Nothing much other than pictures. The video has the tutorial so ill be back to post it back up here….unless you follow my youtube you wont know when this blog post will be updated.

~ok ily bb