Gyaru Make Eye Shape Experiments

Here are the many shapes

This is the makeup I did last blog post

Half moon


Almond eyes

I hate this one <<

Kind of mid half moon I guess

Cat eyes

It would be a bit of a long loong looong post. So here is an animation of the application.
*disclamer: the pictures are not so true to color. the lighting has washed out most of my black makeup and to show the real deal I have another animation to show the dark eyeshadow.*


Kind of went for almond eye half moon
just a bit more with a natural tone

My lighting is way off and as usual I will try and try again

This is the real-ish lighting
Do you reconize the wig?
Its the “I think its a gyaru wig” wig but older in age.
I think it aged well and got much full when I washed it and hung it upside down
Ill have to buy a black one. I think with this wig
(since it hardly sheds with me) will stay for awhile

Now for the real heavy gyaru look Im thinking
individual lashes witht eh mascara and heavier black shadow.
But I was going for somethig like this

Yet hers a a bit heavy
but I’m thinking that is cause of the contrast of that
white-ish skin tone

Well this blog was tiring to do.

Im loving my afro

From this

To this


(haha dr.evil with an afro pick)
Until I got a recent message about hair I forgot there are natural haired gyarus out there, still not much but one to me is enough. It was time to let out my braids so I did some makeup and cha its possible, having a fro with gyaru make up that is. I just used one pin and I do not have gel or any products to hold it or style my fro yet cause I do not wear it out. Still I notice my fro is getting huge, and omg the fro-hawk looks awesome. If I figure out a way to do it I will definably do it.

Lens review will come up. I like these lens but still adore my puffy 3 tones. Addicted gold eyeshadow highlight freak, I should try orange and or peach next time cause it is also a better highlight than white. I also used it on the bridge of my nose.
Big hair needs big earrings. I wonder what gyaru earrings would look like

I know my hair is a bit messy, but give me awhile with it. I think till I wear it freely I would find products and ways to make it perfect. This is just a test run with makeup. I have to say it is different and I love something to add to my coordination closet.

Its amazing how hair can change the persons appearance

Your hair looks like a poodle

My nails are wet so typing will be a bother , but I have to a thing to pick at.

Unrelated picture.
My brother saw this Brittney spears image on youtube
and busted out laughing
both him and my BF. dirty minds
I didn’t even know what it was till they laughed.

Do you know what they was laughing at?

Why is it such an insult, I think poodles are cute, and I do not mind having poodle hair
You see it in high fashion , and afro centric hair is very close to it. So why make it an insult

Pure beauty like every other dog of any hair texture

I have noticed that when mainstream is exposed to one particular thing
everything else that is not seen as much is odd, ugly, and not taken with.
If I go to an interview with my straight wigs, I am more likely to be hired
If I go with my natural hair their mind set mostly of the Caucasian decent will see fit of my hair to a black panther related, see it as power and to the man instead of seeing it as my natural hair growing from me like the hair upon my brow. Why can everyone else come in with their hair of naturalism and if mine is shown as dirty , showing power and unprofessional

But I can and cant blame them, not even the people of my hair texture do not want, like, and or care for their hair. They label it as hard instead of taking time to learn it and follow the lazy foot steps of their parents and grand parents.

The community is growing though , and with more notice there will be comfort and we can have a better pass of it and move on to more important things.

I love my hair and I love my wigs, and if you call my hair a poodle , I will say thank you.

This was her wearing her natural hair for the first time.
Thank you perez hilton