Asian makeup review Suki- Sayoko Ozaki- Convention

It is only fair to have a compared picture that is also photoshop. The difference is I can go as far as Sayoko’s picture when it comes to shopping, its just I feel weird doing it; as I always do.

Here is how it came to me, love the packaging I have no clue why it is just hard plastic.

Here is the back of the packaging, I have palette #2 and I plan to get the blue one as well which I think is pallete #1; there is a green one as well. I Just wanted the natural one for once
To my surprise it came with a mirror, which is sweet and perfect for traveling.

The diferene from my american brand eyeshadow is it is smooth smooth smooth. Even the black that seems to have glitter is smooth. Its almost like a very fine powder like powdered sugar.
All is shimmery except on the brownish black and on dark skin it looks wonderful, thank allah its not frosty.
You know how the japanese put on thier eyeshadow like a gradiant because they are trying to achive the fake eye crease or what I think is since most of the shadow wont be seen without closing your eyes they will gradiant up to get to the part of the eyeshadow that will be shown when the eyes is open. They also dont use brushes that much (the sponge is whats used) and I used my brushes for this look. 
It took me awhile to get this gradient since im so used to doing it the western way and let me tell you this pallete is great for dark skin, I am surprised.

Another asian makeup product I bought, maybe I should review this cutie too. 
Its a lip balm. (not wearing it in these photos, im wearing one of the revlon lip butters. Swatches on past post)

Well thats all. 
Im back on track…..Oh also 
My shop is kind of open. It is on its test run
Only 3 products so far and while at the convention everyone though it was chokers and most wanted me to make chokers. I guess im making chokers in the future as well

okay im an artist im not a seamstress, im not too proud of this so im buying a corset and paint a design on that for the boston con. Oh also made that choker waist thingy. It attach to a chain on the bottom.

okay I love you bye bye

Proof that im a "Slytherin" and Goshikk

I do allot of crafting and forget to post my progress pictures or even take picture in the first place.
I still have the “bag with wings” picture to post, sooner or later, I just dont want to spam post on my blog. Here is my Kindle HD case and what I did to it.

 Mom know I love blue (I wanted black, she bought this) but its a nice change I fell for it anyway, just want the inside to be black.

Upside-down its a D for “Deanell

I dont know what to put on the bottom part….maybe nothing.

HERES MY PROOF. Yes I hold this place accountable for my Harry Potter status…and thats about it I haven’t been back on there for awhile XD. (thought I was a ravenclaw)
And here is my wand, Im still excited just looking at it.
As you may have already saw everywhere since I spam posted this everywhere, I have made Garter belts inspired by the gyaru brands D.I.A and MA*RS………..Yes I spam posted it everywhere cause for once im very proud of what I created, I had no shame……Okay a little. 

I have gold ones and im giving away one in a mini giveaway, right after I do a video of it. 
I may post pictures of it on my tumblr though….the art blog mostly but both usually.
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-I want to name the company “Goshikk” after Goshikku meaning gothic. Dropped the “u” because it sounds like “go sheik” and I like the two k’s at the end. 
-Also the price range is 28$ and up….maybe.  Still deciding and I have to improve on the backing (I use industrial velcro), it works but idk if people will like that. But if I use something else it may go up in price cause of quality. . . .
I should do more short post hmm?


I love this wig and its color.
It does go well with my skin color and not too overbearing I guess I can say.
It is like training wheels to get into other blonde colors in a way
because its not too much blonde. I just dont want to buy something blonde
and it comes out to not fit my skin tone.
This is why I buy and wear colored wigs all the time instead of real color tones
blue and green are the ones that fits me best.

Anyway to the review
Color- The color could be a little more duller for the blonde side but it is hard to fit every ones needs, so Ill give a perfect. My skin tone is 410 Cappachino in “Revlons Color Stay” liquid foundation

Shape- Best shape is the bangs, the dome is a bit wear but adjusting your bangs (downwards) will tone out the top, yet since I have a small forehead and it is hard to pull down to the bangs to wear I want without blinding myself. Its not the wigs fault.

Texture- Soft yet sheds in the beginning (hopefully only in the beginning), other than the shedding, it tangles when held back.

So now for pictures in the natural sunlight

I fell i love with it. It is now that wig ill wear almost everywhere…
till I get a collection of more of these wigs