I love this wig and its color.
It does go well with my skin color and not too overbearing I guess I can say.
It is like training wheels to get into other blonde colors in a way
because its not too much blonde. I just dont want to buy something blonde
and it comes out to not fit my skin tone.
This is why I buy and wear colored wigs all the time instead of real color tones
blue and green are the ones that fits me best.

Anyway to the review
Color- The color could be a little more duller for the blonde side but it is hard to fit every ones needs, so Ill give a perfect. My skin tone is 410 Cappachino in “Revlons Color Stay” liquid foundation

Shape- Best shape is the bangs, the dome is a bit wear but adjusting your bangs (downwards) will tone out the top, yet since I have a small forehead and it is hard to pull down to the bangs to wear I want without blinding myself. Its not the wigs fault.

Texture- Soft yet sheds in the beginning (hopefully only in the beginning), other than the shedding, it tangles when held back.

So now for pictures in the natural sunlight

I fell i love with it. It is now that wig ill wear almost everywhere…
till I get a collection of more of these wigs

Decided to do a tut for the CHOCO GALS!!!

Tutorial on the bottom page

There is one thing all choco *chocolate* girls have in common when selecting a style or just even leaving the house for an outing.

But before we get to that.
I am not a style. I just love to create.
You can call me anything
Yes I am udoli,
I have been gothic lolita
and still have the feel for it
and yes I can be gyaru

You can add all these styles on me makeup and hair
but clothing too bad haha.
I spend my money on my art supplies and cosplay.
Maybe one day but do not try the “your not the real” for any style.
Actually go ahead its a free country.

So chocos
I see you have a problem with basically every style that caters to either asian or caucasian
But you have to understand why. I mean you cant use the same color makeup right?
Obviously foundation. So why not do the same for other kinds of makeup tips

Like the imfamous white or pearl eyeliner on your water line , or your inner corners.
That is not for us. You go by your undertone my dearest. Mine is yellow. So I would use
gold , shear orange , or even peach. This is only part of what compliments your skin.

Also for the none bottom lash wearers
Like me I don`t like the fuss,
and I loose them every time
so I twiggy it up and draw them in.
This is a few hints.
Soon on my youtube ill have a video on it
not everything but for the basic help.
till then chocos.