That Fast Gyaru Tiny Makeup Tutorial

I posted the vid called “My first camWhore” in the group on Facebook here it is
You can only see it through link
It was awkward but as I go on I have to remember to be a little more comfortable with myself.
So in the vid and on this particular day I decided to get up and do makeup. No foundation, no base just did my eye makeup and splashed on some high pigmented cream gloss. Here is the process.
Sloppy but fast and decent I think I should say. And I do agree it looks good with and without the circle lens so yeah I guess I can do gyaru makeup with no lens on. Still love to have color though, just glad its not much of a necessity.

Cheap jewlery hanger

I used these (steal wire , tape and glue gun) but I recommend chicken wire
which I will update to later, and some kind of picture behind.
I can not decide what yet but I do not want wall paper
Just to hold it in place
I tape it to the back

for a cleaner look I took the roll and made one big tape down

I cut the ends a little later
I need the ends to make it tight

I held it down to dry while straight and tight

here it is , later on top of this ill put the chicken wire then the picture