Makeup Mirror review/Picture whoring

I have gotten my package in the mail and its my “Ott Lite Makeup Mirror”. Its been awhile since I have been searching for lighting (for makeup and videos) and I think I have found it.
I couldn’t wait to use it so I slapped on some gyaru makeup testing the mirror and let me tell you. Its true to showing EVERYTHING o0.
The horror.

I ordered from Joann fabrics and it shipped out 2 days later (it was a labor day weekend when I ordered it) and reached me 2 days later XD

Yes it bends backwards to store. Maybe even travel

There is imperfections here and there but that do not matter to me.
Though this design matches my sheets flawlessly

The light is defiantly true to every color and its easy to replace the bulb online. I think its about 8$ and the mirror have two sides. Normal and 5x

Time for the picture whore to come out

Lens is dolly eye greys

Here I mixed it in with my normal lamp I’ve always used.
See how washed out with orange it is? Cant even see my makeup.

This mirror is so perfect. Like I said it shows everything from your pores to you upper lip hair. Yeah I said it everyone has it calm down.
Now it is easier to get rid of it.
Also you wont look a fool going out with makeup done in this mirror.

Well that was a quick review. Peace out.

Puffy 3 tone/ G&G / Shiny aqua & Grey

video is here
These lens have a huge tittle don’t they. Well in my book they deserve it. I love them to death though more on the Grey side…But its a shame cause I adore blue its my favorite color.
Wig and lashes review will come lateryou can click the images for a closer look

With pictures there comes 1000 words. Who said its from you and only from you

Comfort: 5/5
If you clean it before it goes in your eye then you going to be fine
(same for when putting them back in the case)
Color: 5/5
It have the natural and the obvious. I get told I have pretty eyes
then other time I get told awesome contacts. I guess it depends on your lighting
Enlargement: 3/5
Not too big not too small and you don’t get the blur like in 14.2 and under
You don’t look like an alien but it still gives enlargement.
3 is not a bad number just its just in the middle and best of both worlds
Come back again: 5/5
Hells yes ill buy this again

Anyone- From cosplay to a day out.

DollyEye Browns

Video =
Click pictures for bigger
review below

Dolly eye brown review

Color: 5/5 for ho bright and noticeable it is
4/5 for being more yellow than brown

Design: 2/5 for persons who want a real or natural look. This is definably not for you.
but 5/5 for people like me who do not care but just want the lens or eyes to be noticed

Vision: 3/5 for blurriness. If you want something that don’t blur you get 14.5 or high. Not sure if any as bright as this though

Size: 14.2 is not large for me. but it defiantly gives something extra.

Comfort : 4/5 It sometime is a bother and itches *I have 2 dogs* but its a good fit, not the best its a bit heavy compared to other lenses

Overall & recommendation
5/5 You want color
If you are to buy this in the first place you obviously wanted color. If you wanted more enlargement its there but not all the way, if you really wanted brown well its not all the way either which is for you both 4/5.

But if you wanted color its a defiant 5/5
This is used for the in your face, I do not care what you think of me persons.
No natural here, cause you don not care.