Cheap jewlery hanger

I used these (steal wire , tape and glue gun) but I recommend chicken wire
which I will update to later, and some kind of picture behind.
I can not decide what yet but I do not want wall paper
Just to hold it in place
I tape it to the back

for a cleaner look I took the roll and made one big tape down

I cut the ends a little later
I need the ends to make it tight

I held it down to dry while straight and tight

here it is , later on top of this ill put the chicken wire then the picture

Jewels G208 Pink

I will be using these allot
other than the effect of being cross eyed once or twice
I can pass it with the beautiful bright color
And im not a pink fan at all , if the blues are like this I would go for it but I hear it is not a vibrant

The comfort was amazing
even when my eye ball was hot from fever I didn`t feel it at all.
No blurriness to annoy me as well.
A great doll effect