Extreme makeup Goth Gal?

The video basically explains why I am confused on the title for where my makeup has gone.
I started out with a scene look and landed between gyaru, gothic doll. I love it by the way, it is a look that is just, me. The only reason I do not go out much with this kind of make is because it takes so long to do and I leave my house in the morning to go out, so getting up from my bed is, ugh.
Un-edited eyes just for you.
I like my left eye look because it came out better and I think only because I wasn’t thinking about what to say, holding the mirror and trying to record, also the bright light in your eye destroying a bit of your view helps that.

Scary Doll picture I took and decided to keep
So, more experiments to come

Lip butters and lip swatches

Thanks to Paulette, who picked out the first color  “lollipop”, I went and got two more.
Would of been more but what target store around the black community ever have stocked items.

I got a pump for this foundation and I recommend others to get a pump for their foundations if it don’t come with one. Who thought it was a good idea to not have pumps for liquid foundation bottles?

It is moisturizing, smooth, vibrant (most of them) and fun.
I recommend “lollipop” for the smack your face its so vibrant color and “pink truffle” for a nude lip.
“Berry smoothie” is a mild “lollipop” 

How to spot obvious Photoshopping

So here is my photoshopping post and for the subject ill be using the well known “Dakota Rose” and myself. Since she is so infamous, rude and also don’t like opinions that don’t turn up her glory (and you know how I butt hurt about that) I don’t really feel bad about it. And it was mentioned on my blog how everyone is turning her out or something (showing the truth). Yay I’m not alone on this so without further ado

I advice you for if you don’t like for anyone to be called out, turned out or shown out the door ill put a stop like above before the posting, there will be a ……
after the posting and you can then proceed after. It is known for people with truth to get the most hate (killing the messenger). To save you and myself time follow this rule. If you don’t follow it and proceed with your ignorance or lack of proof and theroy , I give myself the right to sin my soul and bash you out if needed to calm my frustration and giving me the feeling of revival to my wasted time.

Now are you ready.
Here you go, enjoy.
Always forget to put these Disclaimer: I don’t hate photoshoppers I just don’t like the lies. Whats so hard about saying yes I photoshop (though the over photoshop okay i don’t like that either but its not all about what I feel it is what you can get out of this post). I do believe it should not belong in ads for the purpose of coverage. If I want your foundation or mascara show me the real results. Not the fake model who’s filing in the blanks. Thank goodness gurus exist.

Let me show you the process and how easy it is nowadays to edit your pictures with free photoshop and quick moves. Come on people, it is more than easy to get photoshop off the net and get it free. I won’t give you links or condone it but ill tell yah this it is easy. There is the internet, google is your best friend yet worst enemy.

The normal
Here is one of the subjects, the picture ill be using on my photoshop is me. Lets make something out of it and ill tell you how to spot PHOTOSHOP on the way….or after
HEYYY Liquid!
Here is liquify the tools of all tools when it comes to face and body editing. This is what the window looks like.
See the bulge tool?Its highlighted .
What have changed?
Notice how the eyes still look round?
Heres a tip: how many people you have seen or known with diamond eyes compared to almond eyes. I have almond eyes btw and lashes kind of make it diamond but not to this extreme.
The best tip: The bottom lid is parallel to the top bulge like my eyes are begging to escape.
Look in the mirror and open your eyes WIDE. How much do your bottom lid move compared to your top?Most likely hardly ever. HEY maybe there are talented people out there or lucky ones and lets not forget we are all different also I’m not a face specialist but this compared with others I’m mentioning later in post, it is almost impossible to have all at once or combined.

Do you see it? Look again even I had trouble finding what the hell was photoshopped after I saved this photo. Why do I have two pictures of the eyes being edited?
Its the nose
There is the opposite of the bulge tool in the options of liquify.
Small tip: The pixels are stretched. The reason for this being a small tip is for the reason of the editing done later where you can’t spot a pixel for your life. Everything is smudged.

The chin edits (didn’t make you guess this time even though its not too obvious)
Yes my favorite. I make it a challenge for me to spot new phtoshopping, its like a chase for Sherlock Holmes. A new mystery.
To tell you the truth I don’t see any appeal to the chin thing and haven’t seen a real person with that kind of chin. Long yes, pointy maybe , both hardly…that can be a tip but here is a better one…
Bigger tip: Inconsistency. They hardly ever keep it when editing massive amounts of photos. Some chins are long , some shorter than that, some don’t seem right and others aren’t even there.
Another tip: Don’t want anything around their chin. Like hands or Jazz hand fingers and heres why; its harder to edit the chin when something is in the way like a finger or lollipop
Here is where the pixels disappear.

Here is where I start photoshopping with my own pictures (I don’t like liquify, though for hair editing I don’t mind cause like in reality you can move around you hair…..your face, not so much). I don’t use the tools usually used which is the “blur” tool. Its good for smaller things like pimples but for bigger things like the face it looks OverDone and fake to me. I paint….well cause I’m a digital painter and for me that is the way to photoshop makeup. Hear this, there is no way in hell makeup will make a blur on your face.
Still I as well as many may have to change our ways cause all in all people love the blur tool on photos, and not only the photoshopper but the people who admire the photos. They think its perfect and rather pictures to be blurred than real.
But to me when you go way too far its just tatseless.
Whats to see other than the blur. You can’t go out and show your face now thinking anyone would recognize you. I didn’t even do the over blurring in this demonstration because I just don’t like that look. Its trying way too hard in a sense.
Tip: When your face have the shadow of a glass of milk (which is hardly any shadow and muddy looking) its most likely PShopped. Look at the shadows of your face when in the sunlight or ambient light. Lighting don’t work that way. When over blurring it gives the float face where it looks like your face is copied and pasted over the other especially when the body don’t match. Look for highlights if there is none along with no harsh shadow then its most likely blurred (or extreme light but we are talking of a mix of PShoping)
Tip 2: No sharp corners to be found except your hair and maybe lashes
Only ru paul is allowed haha. It looks like he obviously does this.
(cause later in the show you see him without it. Only in drag he has this effect making it a character in itself)
Tip 3: You have no nose?
Tip 4: Pores and bumps exist. Here is what real skin looks like
+Click link for huge picture+
Im sure almost every dark skinned girl ( or any skinned girl but on darker skin its more apparent) have this up close, or at-least I do. Its called skin.
Though it looks blurred , you can still see the patterns on the skin.
Even a smaller picture and you can the realness in the lighting.
The forehead with the highlight you see smaller dents.
Look at my first picture here in the nose area where there is highlight. Even though I photoshop the picture i don’t really edit them to the extreme. That may change.
The sharpen (on one side though)
Don’t have to explain much here, you just sharper your lashes or your blur of the eyes to make it more realistic debunking the blur effect a little. But –
Tip: can’t fix the glass of milk or the cut out and paste “face” effect. Like This
You can see every strand of her hair yet she has milk face
and this
See how muddy her highlights look?
Strands of hair seen, detail in flower seen face don’t match these detailes
….milk faced
And omg this is the ultimates of milk face, I just can’t take it.
Im lactose intolerant when seeing these of course another pet peeve.
Its an art thing I swear, my hands tingle looking at this.
wig detailed
jewelry detailed
lace detailed
face Milked
the shadow on her clothes have more definition.
I just sharpened both sids of the face here.

The overlay
Umm…I rather to lighten the other way.
This is just a copy of the picture, make the top “screen” layered and you get this.
To get the ru paul angel effect you glassian blur the top picture a bit and take down the opacity.

Levels are better
cmd+l gives you the levels (on a mac)
No tips on these its just lighting here nothing to see.
How do I look?
Not bad for a fast edit. Creepy but acceptable
Hey stop!!
Dakota rose
If you haven’t seen it look at the other well known photoshooping of acceptance “Komi Xi”
Ill be using allot of links here (cause people have said it better)
I called Komi a character because basically I never really seen her claiming to be real or seen her fighting for her fake life on the net…well maybe its because she’s foreign plain and simple. But this is different this one is not a character this is a girl believing in her lies or making others try to believe in it to seem perfect.
believe it or not this is her
and these
And we are saying this is her now?
I mean hint: NO…ONES…EYES ARE LIKE THAT. The hell would the eye sockets of the skull would appear to even look like. Have you not seen CSI? Where they can make a image just from a skull, that is real people. Also another hint: She has milk face and the light is coming from the top (look at the shoulders, and the top of her head = light source) Which means no harsh light on the face BUT: there is also a trick to that. You can reflect light to your face with a reflector….dont explain the eyes which is obviously PShopped. And seeming she is an addict at photoshopping everything she won’t stop there.
Do I have to really go further on this? Really?
No Really? Sigh okay ill try.
Let me get this straight.
You can see the eye enlargement here?
This is mostly circle lens but look closer
…her lips change as well, her nose is turned down her chin is more pointed.
Let me tell you about after effects
look at this amazing tutorial from a novice
You know what , here is where I stop about this girl. Its too obvious too obvious. So much that I have to say it twice. Look for the resources below and it will tell you so much more about the girl and not only about looks but her attitude as well. And let me give you a hint.
hint: Her attitudes stinks
Rant over.
The haze on Jennifer’s face kills me every time.
Now they are getting away with it in commercials for foundation.
Ever seen those mascara commercials where they wear FALSE LASHES? Yeah, this is just as bad. How the hell do you know its working for the model when you over blur it or do not ever show their real lashes.
Look for the god haze on those commercials.
I seen older commercials and it was hardly that way.
This I think recently happened.
now for me to edit plenty times when this is posted even though I have edited this post 3 times before hand.

That Fast Gyaru Tiny Makeup Tutorial

I posted the vid called “My first camWhore” in the group on Facebook here it is
You can only see it through link
It was awkward but as I go on I have to remember to be a little more comfortable with myself.
So in the vid and on this particular day I decided to get up and do makeup. No foundation, no base just did my eye makeup and splashed on some high pigmented cream gloss. Here is the process.
Sloppy but fast and decent I think I should say. And I do agree it looks good with and without the circle lens so yeah I guess I can do gyaru makeup with no lens on. Still love to have color though, just glad its not much of a necessity.

B.B.Cream Number Two; With A Bit Of A "BF" Haul

“Its hard to take the up nose shot”

So like I promised I was going to review this right away.
I got this right after the other bbcream when exchanging it.

The first time I wore it out I had to add foundation on top after the soak-age and I think I was good for the rest of the day. But what happens when I’m back in the sun for spring and summer.
That means I have to keep looking, (its just a bit too light?) speaking of looking I hear Garnier has one.

It has an orange yellow undertone so if you are warm this is for you.
This is a better alternative to bbcream than the Asian ones by far.
Its about 40$ and you can shop on the sephora site to get it.

For the video application here

Kat Von D; Tattoo Liner in Trooper
Here is one of my favorite products of all time.
This is what I use to draw my bottom lashes.
Its true to its color and very very dark and precise.

Kind of close but with practice I can get to the level I want.
Since it handles like a pen it would be like righting your lashes in
and it dos feel a bit that way

Twiggy will always be my eye makeup Idol.

Here is my BF haul “Boyfriend haul”
Every year around February on my birthday “6” and valentines day “8 days later”, he takes me where ever and treats me to whatever I want like a whole big celebration. There are some others he have also gave me but I didn’t take a picture of it. “its cause its all wrapped in plastic an protected”. But thank goodness for the internet…..

HP 1-5 Box set with loads of goodies ❤
OMG yes YES YES!!! It opens up like luggage

A Delicious Art book from GodOfWar 3
I didnt play the game yet “its been lost” but man I love the game
He is my mascot for Playstation

Now for forever21 Goodies

I love spikes and Aztec inspired jewelery

Droopy eye makeup.
At first I didn’t like it on me but as I seen it more in the video editing and my pictures it started to grow on me. It looks like Britney spears eyes actually.

So Im going to try it again. This happened with something else I did related to makeup and now I do it all the time haha. Things just have to grow on me and at times takes awhile. like a new song you hate and all of a sudden its a good song after 3 times listening to it.

B.B.Cream Number One

Too Faced tinted Beauty Balm
Spf 20/ Beach glow 32$ at sephora.com

With this picture under here it tells it all. Even though this is the darkest shade they have, of course it is too ashy light for the “choco” girls skin. But look on the bright side, choco girls are not the guinea pigs. Even though we are always last to get a product in out shade, not to mention undertone color, we are not the test subjects. If something goes wrong we’ll never get our hands on it.

It is smooth (like a face primer) after its on but it doesn’t blend at all,
it just dries a bit when you try to smooth it on your face opposite of using a moisturizer.

I do have to use a foundation over it and that again defeats the purpose of bbcream.
Like the Asian one I do not want to mix it cause
a. it takes away the spf so no protection (cream and foundation can do this)
b. it gives you more work to work on mix or no mix
c. even when you don’t mix it with another product, Asian bbcreams and people with dry skin
should stay far away from each other only because it is extra drying

The plus side about western bbcreams is you can actually read it.
So you can search the ingredients on the internet.
One of the bad ingredients are “Propylene glycol”

But other than those should I recommend it? If you want bbcream that bad I say dont use something you cant read especially for your whole face. If you really need it get it from home like this one here. But over all I do not recommend this for choco skin for its ashy looking.

I do have a next bbcream I have exchanged in the store
and it is much more darker.
I do have a Video coming up

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Gyaru Makeup is not only circles and lashes? My questions.

*This post was made around the beginning of January (look on the top haha)
and whats weird, is the fact that its a popular subject now*

Don’t you just hate hearing that? That the makeup you are doing or have done is not gyaru and this object is not gyaru and that -“Gyaru is not just circle lens and lashes. You need blush , contour and nude lips, this style that style these shoes”
That is just weird because remember that picture I posted some post ago post? (in january)

I will only talk of the makeup cause that is my …..third specialty
(First artist, second cosplayer, back to topic).
And to a bit of a point – I’m just showing how confusing the Gyaru style is.

I do not own this picture; Its been grabbed from internet (more likely tumblr)
With the over exposure, where is the contour? How about the blush? Maybe the nude lips?
When it comes to her makeup she is gyaru even without the other elements and a majority of people would agree. All she has is eye liner and lashes; don’t forget the Circle lens.

I do not own this picture; Its been gained from internet gyaru inspiration
How about this; it is known for gyaru makeup to have the droopy puppy eye makeup
or its the most popular, the same for false bottom eye lashes but so far she has none;
the contour is hardly noticeable, there is a red lip
and i’m not sure if she has blush, yet she give off that gyaru vibe don’t she?

So what is there for makeup other than contour, blush, and nude lips.
As you can see its not that much of a deal in those pictures or anything similar
(especially if Asian). Believe me there are so much pictures like this and it is considered gyaru.
(even when the makeup elements are there, you hardly can see the makeup)
Im thinking dark makeup most likely heavy, top lashes full, bottom lashes apparent, eyeliner,
circle lens and lots of light……exclude that last one.

But to the point do you think it is the
Asian features that makes Gyaru makeup right all the time for Asians
People forget we do have different features from Asians

Or what about when the style changes, who make up the rules to what is what and what is not?

How about the basics….
what are the few things that have never changed for the Japanese gyaru makeup?
-Of course the liner
-we also have the lens
-Lashes as well

But what makes it different from the American culture? Only thing that is different here is the circle lens (and maybe bottom lashes which is not an everyday routine). Contouring is nothing new and so isn’t the blush, the lips and also (top) lashes.

Are you confused now?
So am I so we have to go way back, back to ganguro.

Just take out the nose stripe, that is not the point.
The main point of this is different am I right? To be different.
Right now that is what circle lens do for us here in the states.
And there are so many categorizes in gyaru that is so far from one of the first types of gyaru
and compared to now its a look that is an everyday any girl look
who knows how to do their makeup well.

So what else is there?

well…. The eye shape. Think about it
not much people who do makeup in the states
want to change their eye shape…they accentuate it .
These girls (Back then Original Gyaru)
didn’t accentuate they would changed their eyes completely.
They would extended it, drop it and even bring it up more.

How to make that modern?
They already have with plenty categories.

I wouldn’t know much cause I don’t know everyone’s face shape and everything gyaru.
But for me its all about lining my outer eye shape to another extended shape.

Speaking of the categories in Gyaru, have they seem more American eagle?
We also have the “Spencer’s” gyaru looks and a bit of “hot topics” going on, and yeah forever21.

So in conclusion, gyaru is nothing more than girls in the Spencers/American eagle/ punk rock (and some others to be named) with added circle lens, the usual makeup with bottom lashes and the changes of the eye shape? And that is the only break between ordinary makeup and gyaru makeup? Oh wait some of the new gyaru styles dont require obvious bottom lashes, I forgot (pictures I gave here also prove this)…and some styles are completely natural with makeup applications so lets start over.


So in conclusion Gyaru is nothing more than girls in the Spencers/American eagle/ punk rock (and some others to be named) so basically all and any fashion with added circle lens?
…Yeah, there you have it.

Gyaru: Any style any makeup…just make sure you have them circle lens on
to look a bit different.

So what the hell is ulzzang?

Maybe you should figure that out because in the end
it is your face and you make your own face rules.
Though if you look like an ordinary girl….
Why should you call yourself gyaru? What makes it so?
Ask yourself these honest questions?

Thanks for reading the way I think.

Gyaru Make Eye Shape Experiments

Here are the many shapes

This is the makeup I did last blog post

Half moon


Almond eyes

I hate this one <<

Kind of mid half moon I guess

Cat eyes

It would be a bit of a long loong looong post. So here is an animation of the application.
*disclamer: the pictures are not so true to color. the lighting has washed out most of my black makeup and to show the real deal I have another animation to show the dark eyeshadow.*


Kind of went for almond eye half moon
just a bit more with a natural tone

My lighting is way off and as usual I will try and try again

This is the real-ish lighting
Do you reconize the wig?
Its the “I think its a gyaru wig” wig but older in age.
I think it aged well and got much full when I washed it and hung it upside down
Ill have to buy a black one. I think with this wig
(since it hardly sheds with me) will stay for awhile

Now for the real heavy gyaru look Im thinking
individual lashes witht eh mascara and heavier black shadow.
But I was going for somethig like this

Yet hers a a bit heavy
but I’m thinking that is cause of the contrast of that
white-ish skin tone

Well this blog was tiring to do.

Im loving my afro

From this

To this

My everyday look/ short post

I realized I never really post any of my everyday looks.
Im not always gyaru, udoli, ulzzang what have you
Im lazy easy breezy….
well if you call this easy breezy haha.
So yes this is my lazy look.
When I go out I go out and It is almost always movies or with friends around NYC I am more extreme with makeup, I think it shows a form of art on my face you know.
But I have other days with family and I want to be lazy-ish with my hasty makeup techniques.
So this is usually for weekdays or for fast trips, airplane rides for example.

I love the old Hollywood look and this can go for outings with my Boyfriend as well,
but I wear circle lens cause he is always staring into these boring old black eyes
lets change it from time to time yeah. Well that is at least for me cause he never minds if ever.

Now I love to have fun
I love to dress up, look like a doll and most times un-naturally with the eyes wigs and jewelry.
Cause at the end of the day I can take it all off be myself with the people closes to me.

Is that grunge gyaru?

Here is another Gyaru inspo post, mix with some punk or what have you.
Brings back highschool memories.

I don’t like the new blogger Picture viewing
because you cant see the the whole big picture here.
Yes the no makeup face but luckily I have people that like me either way

Beauty blender and this foundation (and only a dab)
goes a long way for me and feels like nothing at all

Highlight goes a very long way as well
this and a dab of foundation is all I need.
I only do heavy makeup only to eyes,
even then its only for gyaru inspired things

Bronzer for some color/warmth

I wish this was less chalky and more creamy in the color
its still stark white-ish not even peach in tone.
Ill have to keep looking

Sparkle/sheer champagne

I love GOLDDD!!!!!
Only in the corners this time
I would of lined my eyes with black
but it gets itchy and is hard to take off.
And if I am not going to work this outside right now
so why bother

I need to get matte blush but this will do.

Also I could of done the lashes better (not glue but drawn it)
but I began like it. Kind of grunge looking

Gold, gold, gold high lights
One day ill get peach , and omg ORANGE.
Dont get me started on yellow.

Foundation on the side of lips
And done with that grunge gyaru look

Now I want to get my skulls and spikes and chains
Kind of like those d.i.a. belts, I bet they are expensive
But I’m a crafter, ill find a way around that.

Took off the hood and hair gets messy

And that is alright by me of course
it adds to the grunge look and as well with those messy lashes

Besides I like drawing in the lashes

One day ill get as good as her makeup.
Look at those drawn in lashes, so pro.
Shes a major makeup inspo to me.

Pfft compared to her this is a joke haha.
Ill get there Ill just claim this grunge for now.
(pulled of the bottom lashes here)