Convention in the future

So we didnt get a table. That is cool it was the comic side we should of known the professionalism and took both sides somehow. But this year we was iffy on it cause this is the first time this con is doing two in one. So we just applied and just left it alone. So now that we dont have a table we are kind of relived cause its kind of a choice that was made for us. So cosplay to the extreme it is. And more videos. Which I cant wait for. And the wine in the park idea I cant wait. Around the park there is a market of self made wine with different flavors. We are thinking of having relaxation time. And its only 12 buck for the bigger bottles ><.

Like I was saying we can plan officially this time. Im so excited.

art 0.3

Awesome DA stamp you can find
My friend Spaz showed me this stamp

And this is the best you can explain it. I catch myself saying I dont care most times. But that is because I dont, haha. But when I do, my friends know. Cause most times im trying to understand why things happen. How things work. Or is it real? I can take the “you suck” or “you cant draw”.
But you know what I say? Please explain why I suck, or what I did wrong so I can understand and do better. Unless there is a reason for me putting a block on that head or a bottle inside ones eye. I like to explain also. Dont mean I do not take their as I call it “critique” even if its bashing. Cause you know what. When they cant explain why I suck. That is when I do not care for their comments, but care for me laughing at them. A clown puts in the best laughs

Art 0.2

I want to meet someone who draw exactly like me. Same coloring or same style. I want to know where they live, what they watch what makes them happy. I want to know whats similar other than style between us. Cause I want to know why I draw like this. I want to know if they like their style cause I really dont adore mine.

Haha I sound emoish no. But not to worry its a normal thing, I dont hate it, I just dont understand it. Its a bit lost….LOST…damn show.. Maybe cause there is so much things I can stick to but I can not choose cause I hate to, so im a multiple artist personality in a way……what is it call bi polor? Maybe I should stay with my likes.

Likes = The way how I marry , paying attention to lighting, and I love hair, also improvement on noses

Art 0.1 and life

click picture bigger picture

By the way. That picture up there is not even close to done.
Im always niggling about my art. Whats wrong with this that and the other.
I adumbrate and adumbrate and its never good for me. Im art anorexic. Im sure there is a better word for it. But as a friend tells me , its better this way than the other. So I guess I can take that and cool it. But yeah ill still have that feeling. But on other note sugar high * im trying not to jinx it so lets leave it as, Sugar high XDDD. Extra smiley.

So whats going on this year. If in time fall is school if not winter or next year spring, also late summer is cruise and I may be in canada again if not he is coming here and then I have the convention. That is allot. And I havent even fit sugar high or art into that yet.

On other note im getting weaker and more ambition is slowly going cause my inspiration is on a roller coaster. Im on painting custom headphones now cause I have been inspired by music and DJ headphones. Last week was kakashi. I dont have a tincture on whats next….other than RDJ ❤


Phillicia Deanell. I dont use my last name cause one day I will be married , and if I loose the battle of taking may last name ill have his/her name. You never know. Anyway a start of a blog about things about you about me about people about trees what ever. Ill just type. Hopefully I dont have to spell check but sure enough I will have to. I want to build my vocabulary as well so maybe this will help me. *doubt it*

Whatever welcome to my blog , about my art my life my days going by.

I hope I speak of people I enjoy , love and hate. You know you love the hate and drama. As so do I it Keeps things interesting. Just have places for that. Like somewhere where its not in the work place , or in the family. Or a close close friendship and amongst ourselves. Unless their back stabbing or wicked. Now that is what I love to bash or hate on. Hey I call it healthy. Its an emotion and you have to let it out. And dont give me the you shouldn’t go on their level. I say we are all created equal. I make mistakes and learn from it, and hopefully others do that same. Lets hope this is not an mistake and if so ill learn from it.

Im generally a nice person, shy, down to earth, love to hear opinions and work things out, put myself in other shoes allot, emotional and most times forgiving. But I do have lines. You step over it you might get a chance , but if its something I feel that I can be stubborn about, Ill keep my heart black. I insult, damage, break people. Not much people know of this other than my family of course. Its one of my “learn from my mistakes” to keep a grudge . Now now dont think I cant say good morning or goodnight to a person. But that same person will stay on a label. A label that can carry me so far into conversation or anything personal. Im done with this post. Time for another.