Wearing the gyaru wig

But not with gyaru makeup I guess you Can call this ulzzang?

No photoshop here. Too lazy.

I never touch my eyebrows, one day.
Look how long the wig last , I wear it weekends almost every one.
I think the wig stand did justice

Well lets just call this a “picture spam” post. Need to do more of those
by the way, I have it up in the back for dancing easier in the party.

okay okay ill put up my tacky outfit XD

Short pants with stockings and a corset top.
I love corsets I need more.

Picture whore gyaru makeup my view

Well Align Centerwhats coming is the gyaru then the udoli look
I just want to use this camera and see what it can do , sadly I have to find a way to edit this kind of video. SOOOOOOOo picture time


I love this camera XD
lighting I can never fix