For the time being; Stuff I want

Yes, been out for awhile (in my time). I got my iMac everything smells new got my iTunes in check and in order and now I have my videos I can edit later on in the week (it would be wise to get my other vids off the broken one).
To hold off the wait ill just post items I would like in the future.
Images are not owned by me (hit search and google for some ebay the others)
Bamboo earrings
I remember the 90s…or was it 80s…nah 90s.
My mother still have hers and I lost all mine.
Though, you can not blame a young girl loosing her jewelry (and getting slapped upside the head).
I had one with my name on it, grape ones, the whole collection.
I miss them and I want them in gold and sterling silver

Glee needs her blue back.
Its my favorite color and the favorite color on me next to neon green.
(favorite part of the song just came on)

Dude it actually goes to it. Actually, I dance like this.
Did you guys know I used to be a professional young dancer.
It was a family thing with cousins mostly; won awards, went to Apollo the works.
I wished I had some kind of video, I do want to see it myself. Its been so long.
Nail& knuckle rings
I posted a picture from my instagram on my
…fashion blog I guess you can call it.
They are like press on nails but better (the nail rings).
They are re-usable, more flashy, more easier to handle.
Backpack backpack
I don’t like purses much and I like to be a bit comfortable
I already have lashes and lens to navigate through.
And having a purse is risky with laying down on surfaces and getting itself stolen.
I love backpacks, dainty yet can carry my sketchbook kind of packs.

More hoes…holes
I want the garter ones as well.

Knee high tube socks
need I to explain
Trucker hats.
Hide away from the sun and fashionable?
I want these especially
Nice tight leather/ pleather jacket. (I don’t want real)
Stud it or if this one specifically adore it.

Last but NOT the least; another item I used to have
Name necklace
A nice dainty one I would wear everyday in sterling silver.

Feb 6 birth of the beginning

Will have a vid on it later
We had so much fun. It was nice time out of searching around china town
looking at bunny furries and avoiding the cracks and pops of that celebration tube.
Was also trying to find a friend and avoid not meeting another.
We didn`t get any so its a half full half empty thing, so we went to the Elizabeth center.

The one we do not want to meet is an acquaintance used to be close friend that
have drop out of our lives for awhile. Dont want a weird convo on my birthday is all.
We also almost always pull the first move of things in this situation and now its their turn to grow up, we are tired of the baggage become a person for once and not a person to baby
and we will talk. But if not we will go on our day as if nothing happened.

I also went clothes shopping and thinking of doing it more but this time my tom said he will do such for me. I always felt bad accepting things from him but I realized he is happy when he sees me happy and he`s happy when he buys me things. I do not want to get used to this so ill keep thinking the way I think and we will have balance.

Anyway the shopping is going Udoli and Gyaru in forever 21 and I do not mind it. Ill be that this summer and throw out the old clothes I had since high school 8 years ago haha. Yes I still fit them.

Here is my Snow Noe before we head out.

And Trinity AKA Tina-tin-tin

This was desert but I had to post first
will have a video of the shop up hopefully sooner than later
Its a Japanese place that makes mostly American food
and it is to die for, we go there all the time.

Mushroom spaghetti for joe over there
and I had seafood spaghetti

She had the coffee float
and I had the melon soda float
and when I say “I” I mean me and tom
we share food I do eat allot but not at once.
That was not all of our day
that would be in the video.