Komi the expert character

You know where im going with this.
To start off this post I will say I DON’T OWN ANY OF THE (Komi xi) PICTURES. I also think Komi xi as a Anime character not human. If you think she is real well let me show you why she is not. No I am not saying dont take my opinion , this one is one of those opinions that is needed to be shoved down your throat. Dont be blind and let your fantasies take over you. But if you know its a fantasy and not related to the same fantasy of a celebrity on a magazine that is overly photoshopped to perfection , but to the level of a Anime character in between a person that is cosplaying, then enjoy an just nod your head.

First go search on Xiaxues guide to life videos and check out her “how to photoshop” one and two. Be amazed and see what you can do and not track on PS and then come back here.
Note on that tool that can sharpen, liquefy and make your eyes bigger.

This is one of her ealier stages of PS. This is a modern ulzzang; the doll that photoshop perfect skin, circle lens makeup and lashes along with that cute lip thing they have the force to do. You can see the blur around the hair line and chin area even though her hair is sharpen on your left and compared to the left and right other than the overly photoshopped bright light the nose is thinner than the other picture.

Well let me tell you why the nose is thinner. It is the lighting that is making it smaller.
So that is all here

Why do her eyes looks like its pasted on the glasses on the left?
Why is her left eye a little too angled down and bigger than the other too the right?
The nose is the same but she is still learning here. The blur is still there but much better.

This is later in the game. She got much better didn’t she. The nose is way too sharp and her chin is much more pointer from the other pictures on top. Her makeup is better as well. Her eyes is more round on top and her lines on bottom is more sharp and widen.
Kind of like my makeup style.
I do not think she can get away with the “I paste my face on” look. The whole picture looks sharp but her face which gives that effect. She overly PS and that is what is making her an Anime character and not a pretty human being.

Now do not look at the last bottom left picture. That is not her
But on top with the reddish brown hair.

There she is. Same cut, same color, same bang, same eyebrows, Same chain, same shape of face, same lashes and same lens oh wait….same shirt. That is komi xi that top picture. See where im going with this again. Look at that top picture and the one to compare it on the bottom right.
Boom right there again. You have your real komi xi without PS (and maybe surgery) compared to the Photoshopped one. Amazing yes but she will get better with practice. Now after those facts and proof with the after pictures you cant consider her real but a anime character or cosplayer.
I like the character komi but hate the people believing that is humanly possible. It sad cause take a look at this cause who is to say she stopped (PS) there with her face.

I dont think this is her but check out the photoshoping, I can tell which is the start, but can you? Things like this makes me sad cause most think this is real. Its like the first time on the internet and you click the links for a free ipod or apple laptop.

Can you believe she is real now?
Or as a real person or being?

She is not plain and simple

Look at that paste my face effect under the hat less human and more anime. Look at her past look on the right, less paste and more human.

And here she is now in 2011. She improved and still is misleading im sure.
I think she belive this is her, and that is the sad part. Hopefully she really dont think this is herself cause that will lead to breaking down when she gets old and Grey and no body is left.

Who knows what is going on in her life but your goal is to not become something so unreal you become lost.

Look at it yourself

Is whoring/sex our era or just a phase

I do not think education is here for us in the era of 2000. Its all about drama.
I am guilty myself of liking drama,but I do not make a life out of it and I have reality shows for the filling already. Also my grammar is of a Jr high I may think for myself, but working very hard on that. Yes judge me, ill try to care.

-girl wants money for college and only got the amount of cents.

-girl who wants a breast job gets it in a jiffy (peanut butter)

I know men love breast but really? Are we stuck with the mentality of women still as sex and objects. Forget education we dont need it. Lets hop on it for our first years of being young and soon as children and aging occur, on to the next girl. btw, how are you going to maintain your breast now when your old and not desired.

Yet education last much longer, and this girl is on the bridge of 200k in debt yelling for help. (I fell so much for her I want to go back to college bad, but without enough money its basically impossible, I may have to get books and hit the library and save for my computer and learn myself).

In order to get money for like say education or even for playful things, you have to show your sex. Could be sexy “look at you tube minx and her cleavage, then look at the comments…all milk still left on upper lip boys”
cuteness “look at magibon and that new one”
fake people ” look at Xiaxue and Michelle phan” and dont forget the drama
which involved “xx and mp”

Its either you become sheep or find another way for girls to follow that dont involve college “which equals money” and showing off the goods.

But I can give XX gives truth. With this drama come along and people adore this. So look out world maybe we have something here. I`ll have to be true because no matter the path taken, you`ll have haters either way.