Imats NY 2014 / Sugarpill and NYX swatches


My gets and swatches of all the gets will be at the bottom




Here is the video




This part reminds me of school



The lines to get in the convention was so fast but that makes up for the lines to get makeup inside longer





The convention here is not like the conventions for anime or comics. Everything was organized but the people attending. No one would move to the side for people to past or walk on the right, if you ever been to new york city’s china town its like that.









I knew Encore was there but I didnt know Purseebuzz was there. I would of stopped but I was busy taking video I didn’t notice.









Beyond words I love these girls




He was working at the Dollix booth, I know them as Gothic Lolita Wigs





Again I didnt even know he was going to be here. AHHHH Why cant I pose like that?

He was working at the Morphe booth



I met him at the inglot store weeks earlier. 

He noticed me And I finally get to see his look out of work.



I didnt get this Spaz did but I needed a picture.




This is my gyaru look, without the nose contour 





We were too late for the line



My full outfit at H&M



















yep…..Im saving up big for this con next year. 




Dark Normal Frog to Succubus Gyaru Doll


I am proud of my art work as well and how much it has evolved in color and style.

Its like my style and my hands evolved together


As for Painting this is where I am and I am so ecstatic 






JAN: That was my first gal meet and I already forgot but I think I started gal this year officially. Before then I was practicing gal, I was not really gyaru till I though I was ready. So if that’s me when im ready what was I before?


FEB: I would like to try that makeup look again, it was fun


APR: is when I first tried purple and I ADORE IT SO MUCH ❤ data-blogger-escaped-p=””>


JULY: It was my secound gal meet if you dont include the spring one. 


SEPT: is something I can go back to


DEC: is suppose to be the last tutorial this year XD

I leave the color to my hair and lips and just do big black eyes now ❤ data-blogger-escaped-br=””>


Should I try Green hair?……..NAWHHHH
Happy holidays/ New years


Suki Vitamin-e Lipgloss: Asian Product on African Skin



I have three products I have reviewed here, 2 came in one package and its an off brand drugstore called “Dolly  Dolly”. 

They dont sell them anymore because its crap I suppose. 


To make things clear I didn’t Photoshop or touch the lips in the result pictures.

 Suki came in such a pretty box I didnt want to throw it away.

 The English is as horrendous as mine but they’re right; it is soft and moisturizing. It feels really good on the lips.




But first the “Dolly Dolly”


 Two in a pack and it was around 5$ I think. My lips are bare here.

 Put it on……

 …..and not much of a change yet this is the most pigmented on the two.


 Nope, its a waste for an over sea product.


 Lips bare again.

 Here comes the “Suki”

 And there is a change even on my lips.

 Its very pretty, a subtle yet natural look


I also gave it a gradient by putting a more pigmented red on the inner parts of my lips and it looks amazing.


 You can tell which is the suki.


 Ill be using the suki as a lip balm and the “Dolly” As back up in separate bags.

Here are the more dolly pictures





Excuse the wig it was around 12$ on ebay.

 Im going to give it a second soak in conditioner when im not lazy.

Okay I love you bye bye ~


i.Fairy Tofi Gold Circle Lens






Natural Night pictures with the lens


 So this was for the Hannah birthday meet. I should have a post of that later on.


The lens can go from yellow to green to hazel. Its a natural type of lens for me.

Ill be getting a bright yellow one next, close to my previous grey ones. 





The comfort is not that great. Its a -3/5- because it feels like it needs a week worth soak. 

But they are so beautiful, ill keep wearing them till I get the bright yellow in the future. 

Like I said, these are natural type lens for me.




They dont ship very fast in my opinion. I paid 13$ for fast shipping and I live in the city where mail is shipped and would reach the next day. It should of gotten to me in 3 days or less right after purchase. I used paypal, paid in the morning of Friday and they didn’t ship it till Monday, then I got it like Thursday. 


Its fast but not fast enough for 13$ in the city








 But I will order again since they have allot of i.Fairy brands

and their customer service is excellent.










the comfort is whats bothering me but I think it just need some more time to soak.



The video basically explains why I am confused on the title for where my makeup has gone.

I started out with a scene look and landed between gyaru, gothic doll. I love it by the way, it is a look that is just, me. The only reason I do not go out much with this kind of make is because it takes so long to do and I leave my house in the morning to go out, so getting up from my bed is, ugh.



Un-edited eyes just for you.

I like my left eye look because it came out better and I think only because I wasn’t thinking about what to say, holding the mirror and trying to record, also the bright light in your eye destroying a bit of your view helps that.


Scary Doll picture I took and decided to keep

So, more experiments to come

New Blogger design, New age & New wig

-This is a post mostly for my blogspot blog. I keep two just in case blogger starts to act funny with me. I want to redo the look for this blog as well ❤


This is what it looks like

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 3.32.05 PM

I dont mind this, the milk face that is. I purposely over did my photoshop a little for this picture…..well mostly. If you can take a look at my header image, these are the times I over photoshop. I just feel I can get away with it once in awhile.

So my birthday have past (February 6), recorded a video about the wig and did a mini shoot for my new header on my birth day. I kept the makeup on, blew out my candles, took pictures, ate my cake, got my money and had a good small but enjoyable time with my loved ones (missing one though, my BF who will be here soon, other than that), a very very happy birthday for me.

No I do not feel old or feel that im getting old at the age 26. I just feel like me, Glee.

On to the wig here is the pictures of the packaging; there will be more details in the video.

 Works very well in flash, don’t you think?

And here is my makeup, I know I can do better but I was trying something out: like a differnt shape or something similar. It didn’t go too well for me, I also have to learn how to wait for my lashes to dry before putting it on and it looks weird here. That is what I get for getting impatient. Other than that the colors used are blue and violet. Amethyst is my birthstone and blue is favorite color, also the eyebrows I could of done better- I will…..with time.

nose stripe; mild but I love it ❤ data-blogger-escaped-p=””>

Now onto the new blog design.

Im not done with it and there is something missing or too much going on which is funny because the last one was way busier. But I feel like this is undone and I am not too happy with it. I felt its time for a change especially with the photo I had for the older blog. I also recycled my wallpaper, I love the thing. It is like my own wallpaper similar to ma*rs or the other famous prints.

These pictures^ are the discarded ones and if you pay attention to my mini blog there is a sketch that looks exactly like this and I planned around it (like im leaning on the blog or something with my image.)

Here is the old one


p.s. This is my blonde or what I would label as natural blonde for my dark skin. But if any are darker than me, like my brother or my mom, it dosnt take too well. So caution if you are looking for this particular wig.


My new wig and some makeup practice

I think I would look good with no hair. Just go bald, but……no

I didnt want these pictures to go to waste, I would usually take pictures and store them when I have nothing to blog about, but when the time comes it is old, yet I still keep them.

Also recently my stomach haven’t feeling back to normal yet so blogging or doing anything really is soggy feeling, if that make any sense to you. Hopefully by my birthday and when my boyfriend is here ill feel gleeful again. Hey im going to be 26, and I still feel 18 no lie.

Yes, mah face


So I dont have a eye makeup look that I am comfortable with to go back to for gyaru. I think I have a clue, but then my style changes because Im inspired by something else. I do know though, I want to color my eyebrows.

Im always trying something new so I figured I should contour my nose with color. I stayed with red to be safe, the same for eyebrows.

And here it is, what it is? I dont know, but I do adore the wig and I may take awhile going back to jet black.