100th post/ liebster Blog Award/ pictures for the soon to come video/ 5 year anniversary

100 post!!!!!! Feels good. I started blogging seriously around the time I started gyaru which is this spring 2012.  Actually, it is not 100 post but 2/3 of attempt post and 1/3 of actual post.  One third is the post I actually want to post about while the other two thirds was experimenting on what I want to post on. It is exactly how I started on youtube.
Moving on this is going to be a big post cause why not its my 100th post. So I have the -liebster blog award- from “Rio”, pictures from the “Ulzzang to Gyaru” series and my 5th anniversary with my boyfriend and family picture post.

So i’ve finally edited the pictures and video for the “ulzzang to gyaru” series. I want to make this a series and on the record /personal note. I have to blend for the camera. The camera either pick up everything the human eye can’t see or cant pickup what the human eye can see. So I have to learn how to blend for the camera or work with my camera more in general. Also dont worry on the makeup editing its not extreme editing on the eyes. On most of the pictures I left the eyes alone but I know people dont want to see my pore so I blurred it away. 
Here is the video:

Anyone can use this ^ btw.
Of course I have to make my own XD

The rules for the Liebster Award are as follows…
  1. Post 11 fun facts about yourself.
  2. Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
  3. Choose 11 bloggers to nominate.
  4. Prepare 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Inform the lovely nominees that you have nominated them.
  6. There are no tag backs
11 Confessions About Me

  1. I sleep with a binky. Its a yellow silk cloth I love to rub together. Started when I was young and was sucking two of my right fingers. My mother got me off the finger sucking.
  2. I have 11 fingers. Sorry had eleven fingers, its just a tiny bump now
  3. Adore compliments but can not take them. The reason? I do not know how to respond to one. A thank you I feel is not good enough.
  4. Love to over explain. Its better to over stand than under is what I say
  5. I write paragraphs in patterns and not as a whole, which is why most times it comes out confusing
  6. Am a cancer survivor and even though it made my life better its hard to admit Ive had it. I have a feeling people think I use it as a card.
  7. Was a professional child dancer
  8. I love competition. It gets boring when you play mario party by yourself if you know what I mean.
  9. I never judge by brand but style (this is for clothing and people) If it looks good and put well together its good enough for me. I remember when I was so happy for my 5$ sneakers in jr high. It was then I realized happiness dont come from brands but organization (clothing, art, my room…….).
  10. Dont know why I write money this way (5$ =$5)
  11. My father got me into cartoons and videogames. He is still at it btw. He made me realize there are only but a few things that makes you childish and it has nothing to do with games and or objects. Its your actions in certain situation. Like not taking responsibility for your own actions, having no sympathy/empathy, being able to love what you love no matter what people tell you or how people put you down.

Rio’s Questions to me
  • What song(s) would be the soundtrack of your life?  -What, with all the daydreaming I do?

  • Liquid foundation or powder? -Liquid (powder makes me ashy but I still need to use it to set my liquid)
  • What is your special talent that you feel you could never lose as you grow older? -Other than in the arts? Dog training I think. But art is my life, I should put insurance on my hand.
  • If you had to remodel your house based off of one object to reflect your interests what would it be and why? -Books.  I love the 
  • library and the best library Ive seen is Castlevania’s 

    I just love books and the library. I would surround my whole design around it.
    Maybe around castlevania in general (not as dark but as bright as the church if you ever played it).
    Or even beauty and the beast. I just love books the smell the touch the taste yes taste. What else can have all of your interest more than a good book you adore.
    oh Alucard you beast
  • Would you rather lose your hearing or sight? -hearing, I need to see my colors. With music and the kind I listen to I can dance through the bass. I had a cousin that was deaf and can’t speak yet can dance in time.
  • What era or period of fashion would you like to revisit? Well going back in those times I need to be white and a man in america. But with the laws right now hopefully would follow me, it would be in the rococo times.
  • What are your favorite books to read? Mystery, fantasy and at times scifi.  But im a big time Agatha Christie fan…and Harry Potter.
  • Is there a person in your life you miss? My Grandpapa
  • When you were younger, what did you honestly want to be when you grew up? Other than an artist? Well I wanted to be a fashion designer/ artist/ veterinarian. I always had a plan on what to fall on.
  • Lefty? Righty? Amby? Right, man
  • What city do you dream of visiting one day that you havent already? Atlantis……………Venis in italy, its disappearing.


(I think im not suppose to name the people that have done this already but ill try)

Lain BarbieEyes
Naija Barbie
The Lovely Ify
miss melanie elizabeth
♡ R I N K K O • P U F F ♡


Brianna (glitter skull)

omg 11 yay!!

My questions for you

  1.  Winter or summer?
  2. Would you rather know everything and become depressed or know nothing much yet happier than ever?
  3. Chuck Norris of Bruce Lee/Willis?
  4. Do you text when your loved ones are around? (having dinner/movie)
  5. Five top books….Go.
  6. One food item you can live on if a zombie outbreak happens.
  7. Which house you think you are in (harry potter)?
  8. What is the most fun (activity) you’ve had yet is the cheapest? 
  9. Do you consider black and or white a color?
  10. First electronic device you had/have?
  11. If you have to pick one social sharing site to stay on for the rest of your life which is it.( includes youtube, tumblr, Facebook, twitter -what have you)


Now for the pictures 

Now for my 5th anniversary pictures
He brung gifts. A box of expensive chocolates and an exclusive blu-ray package
Also a cheesy card and an iron man figurine.

Here is where we got the 40$ steak

The customer service was great. They had an accent which gave the surroundings and settings a boost. 
Very fast with delivery and the bread was magnificent; it was hard but had nuts and raisins in them and went perfect with the steak surprisingly.  

We were the only black people there. My brother said he is glad he has me around to show him new things, new experiences, new types of songs, etc.
My brother also told me he dont know how to smile

So I kind of taught him haha. 
Also this is the only picture you’ll get the see of my tom tom

 Expensive but we came for one thing.
Steak, it was featured on the food network

Me and tom always share a plate cause we do not eat much, brother got a whole 14oz we got the 18oz
We saw the T-bone steak when we came in and oh my gosh. I need to go back for that which will cost 50$

Medium rare the way we love it. 14oz


It melted- No!! seriously it melted. The seasoning was perfect on the outside yet all you taste is pure grass feed meat on the inside, which have mixed with the seasoned crust a bit but not too much.
You enjoy the seasoned crust and the pure beef taste on the inside. It was well worth it

Oh my goodness I want to go back. Have to carry the parents.

then after we went to a family dinner the same day at “fridays”.
The jokes, the time. Was a perfect day with the whole family. Even with the spilled drink we got the check half off and we continued with the laughter.

Every time he comes over I buy a game for myself. So glad I did I miss it so much. Cant put it down.
The bad part is when its close to ending I get sad and don’t end it.
well…….happy 100th post

That shoe post….

Yeah that shoe post I was suppose to post years ago, but editing photos…my gosh how you bloggers do it? I kept putting it off and not to mention some other thing I had to do.
BTW This is my “99th” post. Wow how long I had this blog for like two years and I just reached “99” post?
well when you think about it forty eight a year is good im sure. Its around one post a week. But if I had posted my gets I would of had more post. but now with my iPhone I think it would be easier to post gets.

So here is the makeup and I didn’t use any base so you are going to see creasing. Im enjoying the shape and linework especially the contrast of the white and black wing.
All about the shoes in my video
I wear them, dance in them, show different views…..think its one of my first full body shot video.
 Pictures of the close up below 

Picture post

Here is the converse I ordered from their site.
Can use your own colors and make your own creations with the different types of shoes.

Here is my inspiration

My other love.

You can just search Demonia and look for this model
this is the seller I bought from
Well……..nice talking to yah.
(Im the weirdest blogger)