Imats NY 2014 / Sugarpill and NYX swatches


My gets and swatches of all the gets will be at the bottom




Here is the video




This part reminds me of school



The lines to get in the convention was so fast but that makes up for the lines to get makeup inside longer





The convention here is not like the conventions for anime or comics. Everything was organized but the people attending. No one would move to the side for people to past or walk on the right, if you ever been to new york city’s china town its like that.









I knew Encore was there but I didnt know Purseebuzz was there. I would of stopped but I was busy taking video I didn’t notice.









Beyond words I love these girls




He was working at the Dollix booth, I know them as Gothic Lolita Wigs





Again I didnt even know he was going to be here. AHHHH Why cant I pose like that?

He was working at the Morphe booth



I met him at the inglot store weeks earlier. 

He noticed me And I finally get to see his look out of work.



I didnt get this Spaz did but I needed a picture.




This is my gyaru look, without the nose contour 





We were too late for the line



My full outfit at H&M



















yep…..Im saving up big for this con next year.