Flatform Platforms for bigger feet YRU Qozmo’s

Have you ever heard of maxstar? Well its a site where you can buy various sizes of shoes from converse look-a-likes to platform converse look-a-likes or as we should say, “flatform” sneakers. They never have shoes sizes over 9 and when they do its the lowest platform and the most basic looking flatforms.
Lets look at the word flatforms. Who else knew that was the real name for SpiceGirl’s platform sneakers? When did they change this? I hate heels enough now they took my favorite shoe identity? That sucks for people who lived in the 80’s because when looking for that childhood friend called “platforms” they applied it to those damn heels and changed the original name to flatforms. So when I am googling for it now I get these damn heels. ARGH.
~That was a mini rant by me 
Beyond that, these are the sneakers I’ve been looking for for years , even before pastel goth had them Ive been looking for them and with the new craze of them id swear they would had my shoe size by now. I already have trouble finding cute new styles for my feet size and this style which had been around way longer than pastel goth, there is no shoe size over 9 in women’s……until now. 
Y.R.U seems like a new company. I discovered it on tumblr and so glad I did. Now for sizing, here is how you choose….or here is how I chose. 
http://y-r-u.com/product/qozmo-hi-black-2/   – Here is their site (it has music on it so watch out)
And here is how you pick your size, they are all different on how you should choose.
You find the shoe style you want and before you google search for other shops with better prices you check the size

My shoes specifically runs a half size bigger than normal women size. That means if I have a size 9.5 shoe size I should get a 9.
Some other shoes on the site have it a full size bigger so you will have to research. 
With all the research I’ve done I got mine for 60$ in a local shop in the middle of Manhattan. It is why I got it in under 2 days. Its a sports shoe shop and I have no clue why they would have them….but they did because of my research. I mention the name in the video. 

Comfort: 9.5/10
The extra .5 lost in comfort is in fear of one foot falling sideways. Its easier to do it on one foot but you’ll get the hang of it…this is not for the sneakers but for high flatforms in general. The sneakers is a perfect fit.
Style: 10/10
I can wear this in a dress, to jeans, to sweats…cant wear it in a wedding dress but I would. 
I love them so much
Material: 9/10
Dog hair and lint is attracted to the platform (the bottom part). But can be taken off easily with tape.  
It also have a few bumps where the glue is applied but its kind of like a handmade so dont mind it also you have to be very close to see it
Price: 10/10
worth it
but if you are a cheepo like me you’ll know how to research, I gave you the map, its easy to find. 

Video has me walking in it and its also an unboxing

Finally my big feet girls can get plat……FLATforms <.< 
Hope I helped. 

Anime eyes, Outfits, Fro and Leather/ While I was gone

 So I made a quick tutorial only because I wanted to see how fast I can do it and if I can achieve that then I can make more video than ever…..I can. I really don’t mind doing more of these, it is practice for my normal makeup and it keeps more content coming in. lets see if Ill stick to it. 

of course I phtoshopped I am suppose to look like an anime character. I didn’t photoshop the eyes now that wouldn’t make any sense since this is a tutorial.

My hair is actually a tiny bit bigger than this now but its getting to that badu status.
It was surprisingly soft.
I got my pleather shorts for the summer but decided to wear it for the first “feeling” of spring, meaning it felt like spring but wasn’t the first day of spring. 
Same for the jacket and tights

I made new chokers, the lock-it is not for sale yet

but I made 2 more of these to sell and customize 
Maybe one day I can get enough to make harnesses for others.

I did an interview with another product im not sure ill be selling. Spike horns linked with chains.

and my boyfriend teased me with this iphone case that lights up…OMG

I did some drawing

But havent figured out what to do with it yet…..life of an artist.
So nothing much for the last two weeks except the pillow fight.

Chaudie Exposed

You guys, jeez this is going to be long and tiring. There will definatly be typos, horrible grammar…..I think thats the worst part, other than having this persons face on my blog. 
Let me lay it out for you. As I have always said in the past, when I am usually exposing photoshoppers  I dont know them personally and never interacted with them, so I can only judge them on their looks and how they can achieve it because I know photoshop and most people cant catch the mistakes. 
This is pretty much gyaru related so if you are not gyaru or interested in it you can pass this post. If you like drama you can stay, if you want to see the real chaudie you can also stay. I and a few people are prepared for this. She loves to attack , troll, bash and put down others. Im not going to bash im just going to show you what some of us think of her. NEWBIE GALS….STAY…….AWAY FROM CHAUDIE. She will use you, break you and throw you away. 
It all started with one post
Someone finally admit it and probably the closes one to her. Gabriela aka Gigi known chaudie and has been best buds with her for awhile. Even when I had problems with C (which ill show soon enough) she would tell me she couldn’t help it and I should forget it….she was right at the time. I was pissed at what she did to shun me and mel and I shouldnt post anything when pissed, im human and like with anyone else ill go on a rant I may regret….kind of did blaming Gal VIP, but I took it down in respect to mel. Oh more of the post
“looks like I was happy gigi finally said it”
oh there is more keep reading 

See, what chaudie does is get you to be on her side. She would hate one person and youll have to hate them too. There was a point and time where we all was in one group and one of the mods (I know she wont give two piece of rat shits and I can use her name here) “Amber” told me how she would blame another member for missing a meet and wanted her thrown out of the group. (you can correct me amber)
This is why she is dangerous to newbie gals #1
Greed/ E-famous Wants
This is why she is dangerous to newbie gals #2
Has no shame

This is why she is dangerous to newbie gals #3
will turn around and bite you even when you look……..nope I promised not to bash.
This is why she is dangerous to newbie gals #4
when she is done with you, she’s done….for now.

anyone follow Gal VIP. Did she say something ont he lines of
…Gyaru 109 AKA Yok members was lying 
Oh I did
Side note, this is basically how I was^
This is why she is dangerous to newbie gals #5
She is the G_S queen. Shell post herself and you too.
This is why she is dangerous to newbie gals #6
She plays the victim and make you look bad.
This is why she is dangerous to newbie gals #7
Did I say she has no shame. If she can post her own blood like this, why should she care for you, your dignity your secrets.
haha half of these post I cant post. But if you are friends with gigi I don’t think youll have trouble finding it. I dont think she minds either  
Oh , one more
This is why she is dangerous to newbie gals #8
she never looks to improve herself and uses the “trying to help the community” for more blog views…same with G_S.
Now my part of the story. This is how I was posted on Gyaru Secrets 
she was posted on G_S and I responded to the photo
Me- “I think that is what circle lens is really for (god my grammar) cause when doing that wide eye effect with less white its less scary and more doll like. Doing this with small black dots in the middle of white makes it much more creepy”
Anon- “who told you you were a makeup expert? (didnt comment on makeup btw) Your makeup never really look gal. etc…”
Oh and here is chaudie “””Trick”””
She post anon two or three times to make it look like its more than one agreeing. One after the other and one always agreeing. I seen her patterns for months. The other anon pretty mush says the same.
that was secret #163
week later
look who is posting
oh hey its me and guess what about….my makeup? No way!
Seriously lets think for a second, who would get that offensive for that kind of observation. 
Observe disney villans eyes 
scary pupils. 
Now for the sweet princess 
less white in the eyes more adorable.
 seoucnd, right after? And to show you she actually was hurt

pink lipstick?
and yes, I dont remember being mean cause I WASNT. I thought I was helping.
But I agreed and I let it go…..actually she did, I had nothing I didnt know chaudie.

I also got another post to laugh at. I mean its so stale.

 A wild troll appeared that day as well. Seems to be new?

Here is some of her post

  And people…..
Who post up a secret saying the past weeks secret was not posted by some other person
And WHO would compare chaudie to li and ashley….really? Make the community better? How?
How come she only interview people that has a good following or maybe close friends?

 Anywhay, here is when the so called “Makeup artist” who works in tokyo japan didn’t notice I had no makeup on. Or claimed that I lied, we all know chaudie is not even close to good with the makeup brush so it shows here.

I play with the trolls btw. 

here is the “expensive makeup is the lord” speech

forgot what this was annnnnnnnnd we move on to the fun part

 Someone mentioning where the picture is from…..shes not the real makeup artist.

  some more bull I enjoy watching.

 And me throwing the shade back at her. That….was…..satisfying XD

And here I am getting satisfied again

Now here is where it gets confusing. Someone admitted it but then again it looks….suspicious

but this is what made it better. This was the last message from that troll, and the last message mentions chaudie…this looks familiar


Its never chaudie. I know it is, i dont care if I lack proof I know it is. 
Ask anyone who had a dispute with her. A week later they are posted on gyaru secrets, she selp post for blogs, she back stabs friends, she lies to her audience, she hangs on the ones she admires like ashley^ and try to get something out of them, like interviews so she can get more views and she wants to be the other XX so she tries to expose others as well.
This can be said for anyone, but why…WHY do so many people have the same story?
Newbies……STAY AWAY.
Any input, post below. Im not correcting this till the morning (lies)

From gigi herself. She puts it so well together

Extreme makeup Goth Gal?

The video basically explains why I am confused on the title for where my makeup has gone.
I started out with a scene look and landed between gyaru, gothic doll. I love it by the way, it is a look that is just, me. The only reason I do not go out much with this kind of make is because it takes so long to do and I leave my house in the morning to go out, so getting up from my bed is, ugh.
Un-edited eyes just for you.
I like my left eye look because it came out better and I think only because I wasn’t thinking about what to say, holding the mirror and trying to record, also the bright light in your eye destroying a bit of your view helps that.

Scary Doll picture I took and decided to keep
So, more experiments to come

New Blog design, New age & New wig

I dont mind this, the milk face that is. I purposely over did my photoshop a little for this picture…..well mostly. If you can take a look at my header image, these are the times I over photoshop. I just feel I can get away with it once in awhile.
So my birthday have past (February 6), recorded a video about the wig and did a mini shoot for my new header on my birth day. I kept the makeup on, blew out my candles, took pictures, ate my cake, got my money and had a good small but enjoyable time with my loved ones (missing one though, my BF who will be here soon, other than that), a very very happy birthday for me.
No I do not feel old or feel that im getting old at the age 26. I just feel like me, Glee.
On to the wig here is the pictures of the packaging; there will be more details in the video.

 Works very well in flash, don’t you think?

 And here is my makeup, I know I can do better but I was trying something out: like a differnt shape or something similar. It didn’t go too well for me, I also have to learn how to wait for my lashes to dry before putting it on and it looks weird here. That is what I get for getting impatient. Other than that the colors used are blue and violet. Amethyst is my birthstone and blue is favorite color, also the eyebrows I could of done better- I will…..with time.

nose stripe; mild but I love it

Now onto the new blog design
Im not done with it and there is something missing or too much going on which is funny because the last one was way busier. But I feel like this is undone and I am not too happy with it. I felt its time for a change especially with the photo I had for the older blog. I also recycled my wallpaper, I love the thing. It is like my own wallpaper similar to ma*rs or the other famous prints. 
These pictures^ are the discarded ones and if you pay attention to my mini blog there is a sketch that looks exactly like this and I planned around it (like im leaning on the blog or something with my image.)

Here is the old one
p.s. This is my blonde or what I would label as natural blonde for my dark skin. But if any are darker than me, like my brother or my mom, it dosnt take too well. So caution if you are looking for this particular wig.

Ulzzang to gyaru Pt3 Girls Generation 소녀시대

New video series, part 3 of my ulzzang to gyaru and Im getting better with my camera lighting, but now its too red. Still, that is better than being too ashy looking
Here is the video

Im mad though, I forgot one product to use in the gyaru transition like what I used in my older post ( http://deanell.heirofglee.com/2012/12/eos-max-sherbet-my-makeup-for-new-year.html ), you can see the true colors only because it was sunny and bright outside and I used a product that I finally receive. No worries though, the next video after the lens review and gyaru part 4 i’ll use this product to bring out the color more. I may need it cause I cant get my camera to show the true colors of the makeup.

In real life it looks wonderful but here you can hardly see the orange and if I make it more pale looking (the lighting) to show the true colors, ill turn up ashy. Cant win haha, but ill keep trying

hope you enjoyed the video and the new years. This picture is half gyaru have ulzzang. One day, one day ill get you to see the true colors

2013: NYC Winter Gal Meet

So we all met at the bubble tea shop “Vivi bubble tea“, and it didn’t really take that long for everyone to meet up. We’d only missed one person and we didn’t have any number and an hour has past so we left for dumplings.
Chavaughn Graham
Cara McDonald
Hannah Isokawaii
Uwaa Rinrin
Also: I have a mini blog….just look on top where my header is. Remember I deactivated my instagram so there is where im going to post my random pictures for now on…that and my tumblr, maybe. Inspo from XX of course.
Now onto the meet~
I always stab the straw in the mouth

Hannz face XD
We were super cold but it was worth it.
Praise Bunneh for finding the new purrika (chinese) booth. Almost every second in the booth we would call the lady in to help us navigate the thing. She didn’t seem to mind us being there and being loud, one bit. We thanked her still, but it looks to me like she was glad we where there. I can’t wait to go back, so much fun.
Blurry but funny
The red is my favorite
I will be having a post up about this “DIY Wing bag” and its process.
I am so proud of it. I am waiting now for my belt that is in the mail
So as usual we found a spot to take pictures with that has no shops and a must, huge mirrors. But we looked too suspicious it seems, because after 25 minutes or so of  our cam whoring, this man with a walkie started to tell us to move on. But there is no stores around, so no sealing, AND we were out of peoples ways. We took our sweet time to leave.
I would of loved to change my jeans into black jeans right about then.
Im trying to find good lighting…we all were
So vain 
Onto another shopped filled with korean and japanese goods. Beautiful shop and have great deals similar to spending over a certain amount to get a free bag or free products. I need to go back on my birthday, which is another deal.
My lazy nails
On to lunch
The one with the shrimp is mine
The food was great, the ambiance cool and mild, the prices normal.
The in-famous shrimp (ask bunneh)
Then we just started to browse the city stores nearby 
And some had to go, we all did sooner than later.
Do you know how to read that clock. 
The year, month, minutes, seconds are there.
this was 
january 5th 2013 8:58:09 pm / 20:58:09
 God luck in decoding that, most likely you’ll have to be there to decode it cause of the timer at the end. 
The wand smokes exactly 12pm and am

Here is what I got
the free stuff from the shop
going to collect more and do a review 

I bought a pump for my foundation. I only break out after using my old foundation and from the way I use it I dont blame my skin. Bottles like these needs a pump
Another free item
Pictures from the other Gals
Thankyou for letting me use some of your pictures gals

I would love to find a foundation for when using flash its as bright and glowy as my shoulders.
AND I think I have found my new flash/ photo bomb face

EOS Max Sherbet/ My makeup for the new year

I have received two pairs of lens from my favorite go to lens store kiwiberry1-collection.
I used to mistakenly always call them kiwi strawberry, or 1 kiwi berry but I finally got it.
They have never let me down with the shipping, it is always the same and just as similar to everyone else’s; a week to two weeks to ship.
Ever since I started gal and or wore lenses for cosplay, I would always order from them. I would test out others water but im always back to kiwi so im glad im part of my favorite go to lens store. 
“The video of the lens review will hopefully be up before the year has ended.”
 I have a code you can use!
You can get 15% off your order

Here I will be reviewing EOS WM-205 Max Sherbet Grey
but you should know my preference by now. I’ll tell you anyway what I like in circle lens
-one tone color-
-theree tone for the realistic days-
So I never really test out other kinds of lens cause I would go for one certain type. 
Im glad I can experiment with other kinds of lenses now
These lens are pretty plain, it has a bit of the vampy look but its not my type….yet I love it as I look at it more and dont know why. Maybe because it fits the makeup or its subtle enough to wear everywhere; which dont matter much to me but I guess if im in a situation for a subtle look. And even though its grey I would call this more of my black lens, but don’t listen to me its grey it shows well and the pictures will tell.
From far away its like a glimmer of grey but no one will guess too much of grey eyes though more of shiny eyes. 
Enlargement you’ll see more of in the video, long story short it does do its job; its just my makeup, its dramatic making it look smallish…….8/10
Comfort is not much. For 3hr straight you may not feel much but after that its a bit bothersome. You can feel it in your eyes and you may need drops……..5/10
Design is simple but has character. The grey ends sharply at the pupil and the pupil hole is huge so you won’t see color when you move your eyes around……..7/10
Come again I think so, though I would try out more black/grey lens im sure there are better ones………but as I look at the pictures I love it more and more. Im glad I have it……… 7/10
Overall I would buy again, but the comfort would keep me trying out for more lens 7.5/10
~Now for my makeup
Ive made plenty mistakes but I will only learn from them. Ugh one of the mistakes is in the video but now I know what it looks like and I do need to do that action next time. Ramble off about my makeup.
started with cosplay, then to udoli, then it was all gyaru and now I want to be more extreme yet still gyaru; for me at least. I want to be more adventurous and glam. More blending more shapes more experimenting. Ulzzang will still be my natural look and gyaru a bit more glam but for videos and artistry I want to be more extreme like this; Ivy I call it.
And so far I like what im doing,  how many gyaru eye shapes can I do, really?
To think of it either way its a gyaru look cause im gyaru, unless I call it something else, so not to worry im sure.

So look out  2013 

L’Oreal bb Cream review / Make post…BOOBS

I never really noticed my boobs being out much (I blurred them for most of the picture), but as I go on im not going to care. As long and my BF is cool with my pictures I don’t mind showing them. I mean for pudding sakes I attend the labor day parade, I am a trini and this picture is a saint compared to what I look like around that time or anytime around the summer.
Anyway, I am glad I had these pictures stashed as most of you know I have an eye infection, and I want to do makeup so bad. I have some looks to do, but of course when I can do it ill be so un-inspired.
B.B Cream 
Ill let the pictures review it ( Its the darkest btw)

 It sucks.
Its sparkly and even after it oxidized it did not help the ashiness of the cream. 
Definite waste of time and money and cause of it from here on its going to be photoshopped pictures but not of the most important part, the eye makeup.

 Trinity aka Tin tin

 Well there yah go