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Dont this looks a bit…..into myself? There is so many pictures of me and I know it is my blog yet still I can not believe I have reach the point of not caring about how much I post my photos on the internet. (By the way about that, maybe I should stop uploading pictures on facebook they own them in the end and also, you cant ever erase your facebook so that another bother for me)

So just in time for the first of February and maybe now I can get back to drawing but before that im too celebrate my 25th birthday on February 6th,nothing special just its closer to 27 when im going to well, that is way later. Right now it is to enjoy my time with my family. The coding and photos held me back for about 3 days or so and I have stopped drawing and sewing my dress all together.

But I digress, this blog was inspired by the Victorian era( of course my favorite era) and by the softness of Xiaxues blog. I love the video idea she have and it is best to do it this way than the traditional post in blog post which can lead to lagging computers with the space im taking posting many other things. And oddly enough I hate girly things related to “oh mai gawd pink”. I just dont like pink its a weak color….No its true, pink makes you weak, its some kind of scientific fact but I don’t really remember much. So I chosen my peaches and browns instead if the barbie pepto pinks.

Now for the outfit right? Oh ho no no no, im not into fashion yet I cant afford it with the things I do BUT, accessories I will jump on. You know the belts, headbands, earrings, bangles, chains and spikes. These things can make any outfit even for the plainest white tee and jeans. And that is exactly what I have done here and plan to do more of. I have a plain shirt and a plain frilly skirt and surrounded myself with jewelery. It kind of worked better than I though it would and I think ill keep this up. Also graphic tees would do well with this & fake fur too.

I was finished with my makeup and they jumped in the chair after.
They were 2 huge fur balls and I loved it.

I think im obsessed with red lips now. I have to get more of those colors from sephora its really good and creamy and not too messy, oil slick, glossy. Now to find a way to not get red on my teeth.

I am getting better with my lighting. I just learned a neat trick with photoshop to get my skin darker yet not make it look like I colored over it with a black pencil. That is what the first picture is displaying. I love that dark tone but its hard to get though I now know what kind of contouring my nose would work with from that picture.

And Oh my god dude I found a beautiful matte/sheer peach color in my pallet and it is like god. You know how much I love gold, though I didn’t use any this time. But that peach orange….that peach on dark skin….is like butter and bread, peas a carrots, roti and curry, no more (or not as much) gold for now on. Its an amazing blend with my orange (red and yellow) undertone. Im telling you girls find your undertone and makeup would become better for you.


-I use the same brushes for the background but forgot who is who. So ill put all. Brushes by redheadstock ([link])/Zimmette Stock ([link])/ yanagi ([link]) –


I love this wig and its color.
It does go well with my skin color and not too overbearing I guess I can say.
It is like training wheels to get into other blonde colors in a way
because its not too much blonde. I just dont want to buy something blonde
and it comes out to not fit my skin tone.
This is why I buy and wear colored wigs all the time instead of real color tones
blue and green are the ones that fits me best.

Anyway to the review
Color- The color could be a little more duller for the blonde side but it is hard to fit every ones needs, so Ill give a perfect. My skin tone is 410 Cappachino in “Revlons Color Stay” liquid foundation

Shape- Best shape is the bangs, the dome is a bit wear but adjusting your bangs (downwards) will tone out the top, yet since I have a small forehead and it is hard to pull down to the bangs to wear I want without blinding myself. Its not the wigs fault.

Texture- Soft yet sheds in the beginning (hopefully only in the beginning), other than the shedding, it tangles when held back.

So now for pictures in the natural sunlight

I fell i love with it. It is now that wig ill wear almost everywhere…
till I get a collection of more of these wigs

Gyaru Makeup is not only circles and lashes? My questions.

*This post was made around the beginning of January (look on the top haha)
and whats weird, is the fact that its a popular subject now*

Don’t you just hate hearing that? That the makeup you are doing or have done is not gyaru and this object is not gyaru and that -“Gyaru is not just circle lens and lashes. You need blush , contour and nude lips, this style that style these shoes”
That is just weird because remember that picture I posted some post ago post? (in january)

I will only talk of the makeup cause that is my …..third specialty
(First artist, second cosplayer, back to topic).
And to a bit of a point – I’m just showing how confusing the Gyaru style is.

I do not own this picture; Its been grabbed from internet (more likely tumblr)
With the over exposure, where is the contour? How about the blush? Maybe the nude lips?
When it comes to her makeup she is gyaru even without the other elements and a majority of people would agree. All she has is eye liner and lashes; don’t forget the Circle lens.

I do not own this picture; Its been gained from internet gyaru inspiration
How about this; it is known for gyaru makeup to have the droopy puppy eye makeup
or its the most popular, the same for false bottom eye lashes but so far she has none;
the contour is hardly noticeable, there is a red lip
and i’m not sure if she has blush, yet she give off that gyaru vibe don’t she?

So what is there for makeup other than contour, blush, and nude lips.
As you can see its not that much of a deal in those pictures or anything similar
(especially if Asian). Believe me there are so much pictures like this and it is considered gyaru.
(even when the makeup elements are there, you hardly can see the makeup)
Im thinking dark makeup most likely heavy, top lashes full, bottom lashes apparent, eyeliner,
circle lens and lots of light……exclude that last one.

But to the point do you think it is the
Asian features that makes Gyaru makeup right all the time for Asians
People forget we do have different features from Asians

Or what about when the style changes, who make up the rules to what is what and what is not?

How about the basics….
what are the few things that have never changed for the Japanese gyaru makeup?
-Of course the liner
-we also have the lens
-Lashes as well

But what makes it different from the American culture? Only thing that is different here is the circle lens (and maybe bottom lashes which is not an everyday routine). Contouring is nothing new and so isn’t the blush, the lips and also (top) lashes.

Are you confused now?
So am I so we have to go way back, back to ganguro.

Just take out the nose stripe, that is not the point.
The main point of this is different am I right? To be different.
Right now that is what circle lens do for us here in the states.
And there are so many categorizes in gyaru that is so far from one of the first types of gyaru
and compared to now its a look that is an everyday any girl look
who knows how to do their makeup well.

So what else is there?

well…. The eye shape. Think about it
not much people who do makeup in the states
want to change their eye shape…they accentuate it .
These girls (Back then Original Gyaru)
didn’t accentuate they would changed their eyes completely.
They would extended it, drop it and even bring it up more.

How to make that modern?
They already have with plenty categories.

I wouldn’t know much cause I don’t know everyone’s face shape and everything gyaru.
But for me its all about lining my outer eye shape to another extended shape.

Speaking of the categories in Gyaru, have they seem more American eagle?
We also have the “Spencer’s” gyaru looks and a bit of “hot topics” going on, and yeah forever21.

So in conclusion, gyaru is nothing more than girls in the Spencers/American eagle/ punk rock (and some others to be named) with added circle lens, the usual makeup with bottom lashes and the changes of the eye shape? And that is the only break between ordinary makeup and gyaru makeup? Oh wait some of the new gyaru styles dont require obvious bottom lashes, I forgot (pictures I gave here also prove this)…and some styles are completely natural with makeup applications so lets start over.


So in conclusion Gyaru is nothing more than girls in the Spencers/American eagle/ punk rock (and some others to be named) so basically all and any fashion with added circle lens?
…Yeah, there you have it.

Gyaru: Any style any makeup…just make sure you have them circle lens on
to look a bit different.

So what the hell is ulzzang?

Maybe you should figure that out because in the end
it is your face and you make your own face rules.
Though if you look like an ordinary girl….
Why should you call yourself gyaru? What makes it so?
Ask yourself these honest questions?

Thanks for reading the way I think.

Gyaru Make Eye Shape Experiments

Here are the many shapes

This is the makeup I did last blog post

Half moon


Almond eyes

I hate this one <<

Kind of mid half moon I guess

Cat eyes

It would be a bit of a long loong looong post. So here is an animation of the application.
*disclamer: the pictures are not so true to color. the lighting has washed out most of my black makeup and to show the real deal I have another animation to show the dark eyeshadow.*


Kind of went for almond eye half moon
just a bit more with a natural tone

My lighting is way off and as usual I will try and try again

This is the real-ish lighting
Do you reconize the wig?
Its the “I think its a gyaru wig” wig but older in age.
I think it aged well and got much full when I washed it and hung it upside down
Ill have to buy a black one. I think with this wig
(since it hardly sheds with me) will stay for awhile

Now for the real heavy gyaru look Im thinking
individual lashes witht eh mascara and heavier black shadow.
But I was going for somethig like this

Yet hers a a bit heavy
but I’m thinking that is cause of the contrast of that
white-ish skin tone

Well this blog was tiring to do.

Im loving my afro

From this

To this

Im back and got tagged

Like a shark for experimentation
So hey start the new years with some things about me right?
And later on I can show some eye makeup experiments
here we go…..

I was tagged by Anjell
and she tagged everyone else I know
…so not sure if im going to send a tag out
…ill feel awkward haha.

1. Whats your new years resolution? why?
I dont really have one cause I was told why start on new years , start any time of the year so I did. Im on the healthy path, im still natural haired and getting more creative with my OC and art (art is the biggest) So ill keep to that all year long lets see.

2. Favorite Hobby?
Eating (cant say art) and casual gaming

3. What movie best describes your personality?
hmm….damn that is hard. Inception, because I daydream way too much so when it is reality it feels dreamy, if that makes sense

4. What toy did you play with as a child?
Does a Binky counts. Its my piece of cloth im always with and have to sleep with.
Have to be silk and long, have one still.
If not then barbie.
I designed and made clothes for them and made for other friends as well.
I should of been a fashion designer I never noticed till now haha.

5. First Hollywood crush?
Oh I know, Orlando bloom.

6. Favorite song of 2011?
Well artist discovered: Todd Edwards
Song I guess is: Gyal In Front Ah Meh by “Ziggy Rankings” for now

7. If you were stuck on a stranded island, and could only bring two things, what would you bring? I would say family but dont want them to suffer & the same with my dogs, so computer with power and internet (at least I can contact for help) and survivor man skillz (if it comes in a can you can drink and learn from).
Im cheating aren’t I?

8. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Two on the same level
– Things that dont go to plan what if its people, weather, but MOSTLY people
– And having only the biggest baddest, rudest people go further than the nice, loyal, talented and honest people

9. Any bad habits?
The internet

10. Biggest Inspiration? Why?
Life. If I forget it is there ill waste it. I dont want to do that I want to live it, safe but to the fullest. Life has Colors , Fashion, Art, taste, smell, and that sky. Now how can you not be inspired by it? Yeah it has its boils but you can look past that.
(Im real sleepy, what kind of shit im talking)

11. First pet’s name? Why?
Herby. I dont know, just know it was my first pet hamster.
The pet I named was bing bing and it was a Guinea pig, and if you know guinea pigs they have nice firm cute bing bings >.<

12. What does your name mean and why were you named it?
Well my name (Phillicia or to others Phylicia/Felicia but at the end its actually “Cee-A” instead of “Shah”)means happy like in “felix (pfft glee)” and greenery….I do adore gardens and natural seasonings?

BUT! My name came from another source which is my mother who had been named after saint Philomena “a young Greek princess” She was 14 when her remains was found. Still don’t know much about her.

But I was named Phillicia with two ls and a Cee-a cause of my father wanting my mothers name, also got his name which is my blog name. Only the Spanish people I meet say phillicia with cee-a at the end…..or was it a french woman?

Done…wow I cant really edit my damn post, thanks for the welcome back blogger haha.