West Indian Day Parade (so many pictures)

 So this is the section I’m in and working on every weeknight 
Can se the prices on the side, the lowest is 300$

“Natural Freaks mas camp” is where I go every night fixing up costumes
NY1 came by to interview baby, kind of filmed all of us, didn’t even know they were filming me while I was adding gems. I turned around an laughed XD

this is the name of the section
I hardly have any time to blog/vlog so I’m trying to catch up here

 So time to spam with pictures
I myself enjoy looking at pretty pictures over words most of the time

 The famous spider panty

-Now you see why I’m tired every night now XD

Pictures from upcoming YT video

This is my favorite picture of the bunch an its because of the lighting. You’ll see I’m testing on lighting throughout all the pictures posted. I like the fairy look (tint of purple kind of match my blog theme even though its more of a tint of peach) but its hard to do so with a darker skin without looking like skin lightening.

As some of you know I’ve officially started gyaru this year late winter early spring. I started with makeup and then this summer a bit into fashion. I hope I progress a little more in fashion but I do have a problem. I have so many makeup looks and don’t know which would look best or which to keep (I do love this look), as for fashion I do know I’m towards Rokku. I also never posted on Everyday_Gyaru and I’m thinking to post on it soon but to post one look would be unrealistic. So guess my first ever post on there will be a whole year progress post. Well half a year……3/4 a year? 
Anyway I do have a vid of this makeup look coming soon this week. If you haven’t known already my youtube vids related to makeup looks are never planned. I don’t draw it up or test it ever. If I feel to do makeup I show my progress. So mistakes will be made but at least you or anyone else can learn from them or change it up. And it seems more real that way. The cons are the whole vid can be a mess and ill never post it up. If that happened THEN the video is planned when I do it again. Or if anyone ask for a look then its planned. But I hardly test it out.
I look like a bunny
If haven’t already known I’m a model for Gaijin Gyaru 109
Im also one of the editor/designer for G.G.109 and Gaijin Gyaru magazine and I love it.
It feels like an addition to the community in a positive way and I will help in any way I can. I would like to have more time for it for better details but helping in some way is enough. But its always fun to design and make things pretty and shiny and glittery and rococo filled with details.

NYC Gyaru Meet #2 "The prostitutes" (So many pictures)

I don’t have my lens in obviously. Learning from last meet I didn’t get the time to take pictures of my outfit and makeup. you’ll see lens further up.

Came here for bubble tea.

 Story time: Before we went for bubble tea we were waiting for the other girls having a conversation when 2 guys walked up to us, most likely tourist. He then proceed to ask me “what are your rates?” I was like “excuse me?” Again he asked “What are your rates?” and me again with “I’m sorry, rates?” Then Tama comes in finally with a last puff of her smoke and replied “We are not prostitutes” without missing a beat. He was like “Oh okay.” and left with his friend holding his backpack. I bursted out laughing, actually we all did. Rin was like “oh my good you serious” kind of walking away. That was awesomely funny, none of us took offense its just it was in the middle of the day in the middle of the sidewalk with loads of people just walking around. My father told me he maybe though we were escorts. Shit they get allot of money. Best part was nothing changed on Tamas face when she said it. *blows smoke*—– “we are not prostitutes.”

Never again am I getting the bubble for my bubble tea. It was always in the way when you wanted nice cool liquid to go down your throat on the most humid day. But the damn bubbles would get in the way. Jelly next time.

I have a thing. I take the most un expected pictures when nobody is looking or ready. This is the best for Rin. What is she thinking about?

Okay we are ready this time except for bunny >.<

The store behind us we went right in. Entered the door and circle lens way right on our right. We all went straight for it.

Dolly Girl? Dolly Girl.
Don’t you mean Dolly Wink?

Every mirror is for pictures

Tama made the best funny poses next to Rin

Am I kicking Rin in the face?

Oh Hai!

Those lashes on the bottom man. the best ones yet. Don’t even need much eyeliner to be gal with this lashes.

Hey, I got my lens in now 

Hey guys.

Okay thats allot right? But my lens never felt better in my eyes. I’m going to get the normal ones which is cheaper. the only ones for lens are over seas.

Kayos here finally and we snapped allot of pictures at the same time.

Here is her saying “okay okay no more pictures”

this was mine. Tangy filled with cheese. it was good.

We were all posing with objects like kayo’s salt and pepper.

It was on little italy’s street.
I got hit on when going to the bathroom. Nice accent it was adorable.

Close up of me laughing at Tama laughing at me catching her with pictures every time she is not looking

Laughing up close makes you look old and I already show gums. this was way close haha.

I think the people at the stop light was confused.

Asian candy shop we go (going back)

I love salt and sweet prunes, one was too salty one was too sweet. And that green thing there is wasabi 

after she ate one

we spotted a store

And she’s obsessed with pink and kitty

Look at how happy she is haha.

Me taking a picture of her taking a picture.

Loved the lights here

Seems like Kayo was thinking the same thing

Caught her again

Reina…Laina whatever haha

We were looking for a cafe Reina went to but couldn’t find it

And of course we have fun while doing so

So we turned around

Ate at a pizza place instead

So much takes for this picture in the dark. Most of us got tired oft he same pose

She’s here

She’s out

Last picture 

I adore my stitch tote 
See that card. Some women stopped us in the street to take pictures of us and our looks induvidually  

got another eyeliner the same one its that good and red lip gloss again its that good. 
The striped shirt is from F21 THE END haha

New blog design

Finally finished hurray
Took me about a week, some planning some editing and some frustration with coding and figuring it out. I think its a big improvement from the last one. There is a screenshot below. And I think its a bit too busy but just right in a way. (tell me if anything bothers your eyes)
I have other header images I can use but ill just post that separate 
I look like a bunny. I think I just might switch them once or twice OR I can use a random image generator later on. I hope I figure that out. 
I think I may tone down the background a little bit more cause there is too much going on but thats about it. Im too tired to do anything of course, coding takes away your time for awhile. I was drawing one of my characters and its getting really good but this came in the way.
I will be putting the images and stock I have used from others on another page but right now I can tell you what I have done.
*the background: Yes I used other images but I put them together. I had one stud from the internet and I made plenty more and fit it too a seamless background.
*You know i basically did everything: I mean the coding and lets say the collage of things. the only thing In haven’t done was draw the flowers or the studs. I didn’t draw anything but I put every single thing together…….ramble on I shall eat now XD