How to spot obvious Photoshopping

So here is my photoshopping post and for the subject ill be using the well known “Dakota Rose” and myself. Since she is so infamous, rude and also don’t like opinions that don’t turn up her glory (and you know how I butt hurt about that) I don’t really feel bad about it. And it was mentioned on my blog how everyone is turning her out or something (showing the truth). Yay I’m not alone on this so without further ado

I advice you for if you don’t like for anyone to be called out, turned out or shown out the door ill put a stop like above before the posting, there will be a ……
after the posting and you can then proceed after. It is known for people with truth to get the most hate (killing the messenger). To save you and myself time follow this rule. If you don’t follow it and proceed with your ignorance or lack of proof and theroy , I give myself the right to sin my soul and bash you out if needed to calm my frustration and giving me the feeling of revival to my wasted time.

Now are you ready.
Here you go, enjoy.
Always forget to put these Disclaimer: I don’t hate photoshoppers I just don’t like the lies. Whats so hard about saying yes I photoshop (though the over photoshop okay i don’t like that either but its not all about what I feel it is what you can get out of this post). I do believe it should not belong in ads for the purpose of coverage. If I want your foundation or mascara show me the real results. Not the fake model who’s filing in the blanks. Thank goodness gurus exist.

Let me show you the process and how easy it is nowadays to edit your pictures with free photoshop and quick moves. Come on people, it is more than easy to get photoshop off the net and get it free. I won’t give you links or condone it but ill tell yah this it is easy. There is the internet, google is your best friend yet worst enemy.

The normal
Here is one of the subjects, the picture ill be using on my photoshop is me. Lets make something out of it and ill tell you how to spot PHOTOSHOP on the way….or after
HEYYY Liquid!
Here is liquify the tools of all tools when it comes to face and body editing. This is what the window looks like.
See the bulge tool?Its highlighted .
What have changed?
Notice how the eyes still look round?
Heres a tip: how many people you have seen or known with diamond eyes compared to almond eyes. I have almond eyes btw and lashes kind of make it diamond but not to this extreme.
The best tip: The bottom lid is parallel to the top bulge like my eyes are begging to escape.
Look in the mirror and open your eyes WIDE. How much do your bottom lid move compared to your top?Most likely hardly ever. HEY maybe there are talented people out there or lucky ones and lets not forget we are all different also I’m not a face specialist but this compared with others I’m mentioning later in post, it is almost impossible to have all at once or combined.

Do you see it? Look again even I had trouble finding what the hell was photoshopped after I saved this photo. Why do I have two pictures of the eyes being edited?
Its the nose
There is the opposite of the bulge tool in the options of liquify.
Small tip: The pixels are stretched. The reason for this being a small tip is for the reason of the editing done later where you can’t spot a pixel for your life. Everything is smudged.

The chin edits (didn’t make you guess this time even though its not too obvious)
Yes my favorite. I make it a challenge for me to spot new phtoshopping, its like a chase for Sherlock Holmes. A new mystery.
To tell you the truth I don’t see any appeal to the chin thing and haven’t seen a real person with that kind of chin. Long yes, pointy maybe , both hardly…that can be a tip but here is a better one…
Bigger tip: Inconsistency. They hardly ever keep it when editing massive amounts of photos. Some chins are long , some shorter than that, some don’t seem right and others aren’t even there.
Another tip: Don’t want anything around their chin. Like hands or Jazz hand fingers and heres why; its harder to edit the chin when something is in the way like a finger or lollipop
Here is where the pixels disappear.

Here is where I start photoshopping with my own pictures (I don’t like liquify, though for hair editing I don’t mind cause like in reality you can move around you hair…..your face, not so much). I don’t use the tools usually used which is the “blur” tool. Its good for smaller things like pimples but for bigger things like the face it looks OverDone and fake to me. I paint….well cause I’m a digital painter and for me that is the way to photoshop makeup. Hear this, there is no way in hell makeup will make a blur on your face.
Still I as well as many may have to change our ways cause all in all people love the blur tool on photos, and not only the photoshopper but the people who admire the photos. They think its perfect and rather pictures to be blurred than real.
But to me when you go way too far its just tatseless.
Whats to see other than the blur. You can’t go out and show your face now thinking anyone would recognize you. I didn’t even do the over blurring in this demonstration because I just don’t like that look. Its trying way too hard in a sense.
Tip: When your face have the shadow of a glass of milk (which is hardly any shadow and muddy looking) its most likely PShopped. Look at the shadows of your face when in the sunlight or ambient light. Lighting don’t work that way. When over blurring it gives the float face where it looks like your face is copied and pasted over the other especially when the body don’t match. Look for highlights if there is none along with no harsh shadow then its most likely blurred (or extreme light but we are talking of a mix of PShoping)
Tip 2: No sharp corners to be found except your hair and maybe lashes
Only ru paul is allowed haha. It looks like he obviously does this.
(cause later in the show you see him without it. Only in drag he has this effect making it a character in itself)
Tip 3: You have no nose?
Tip 4: Pores and bumps exist. Here is what real skin looks like
+Click link for huge picture+
Im sure almost every dark skinned girl ( or any skinned girl but on darker skin its more apparent) have this up close, or at-least I do. Its called skin.
Though it looks blurred , you can still see the patterns on the skin.
Even a smaller picture and you can the realness in the lighting.
The forehead with the highlight you see smaller dents.
Look at my first picture here in the nose area where there is highlight. Even though I photoshop the picture i don’t really edit them to the extreme. That may change.
The sharpen (on one side though)
Don’t have to explain much here, you just sharper your lashes or your blur of the eyes to make it more realistic debunking the blur effect a little. But –
Tip: can’t fix the glass of milk or the cut out and paste “face” effect. Like This
You can see every strand of her hair yet she has milk face
and this
See how muddy her highlights look?
Strands of hair seen, detail in flower seen face don’t match these detailes
….milk faced
And omg this is the ultimates of milk face, I just can’t take it.
Im lactose intolerant when seeing these of course another pet peeve.
Its an art thing I swear, my hands tingle looking at this.
wig detailed
jewelry detailed
lace detailed
face Milked
the shadow on her clothes have more definition.
I just sharpened both sids of the face here.

The overlay
Umm…I rather to lighten the other way.
This is just a copy of the picture, make the top “screen” layered and you get this.
To get the ru paul angel effect you glassian blur the top picture a bit and take down the opacity.

Levels are better
cmd+l gives you the levels (on a mac)
No tips on these its just lighting here nothing to see.
How do I look?
Not bad for a fast edit. Creepy but acceptable
Hey stop!!
Dakota rose
If you haven’t seen it look at the other well known photoshooping of acceptance “Komi Xi”
Ill be using allot of links here (cause people have said it better)
I called Komi a character because basically I never really seen her claiming to be real or seen her fighting for her fake life on the net…well maybe its because she’s foreign plain and simple. But this is different this one is not a character this is a girl believing in her lies or making others try to believe in it to seem perfect.
believe it or not this is her
and these
And we are saying this is her now?
I mean hint: NO…ONES…EYES ARE LIKE THAT. The hell would the eye sockets of the skull would appear to even look like. Have you not seen CSI? Where they can make a image just from a skull, that is real people. Also another hint: She has milk face and the light is coming from the top (look at the shoulders, and the top of her head = light source) Which means no harsh light on the face BUT: there is also a trick to that. You can reflect light to your face with a reflector….dont explain the eyes which is obviously PShopped. And seeming she is an addict at photoshopping everything she won’t stop there.
Do I have to really go further on this? Really?
No Really? Sigh okay ill try.
Let me get this straight.
You can see the eye enlargement here?
This is mostly circle lens but look closer
…her lips change as well, her nose is turned down her chin is more pointed.
Let me tell you about after effects
look at this amazing tutorial from a novice
You know what , here is where I stop about this girl. Its too obvious too obvious. So much that I have to say it twice. Look for the resources below and it will tell you so much more about the girl and not only about looks but her attitude as well. And let me give you a hint.
hint: Her attitudes stinks
Rant over.
The haze on Jennifer’s face kills me every time.
Now they are getting away with it in commercials for foundation.
Ever seen those mascara commercials where they wear FALSE LASHES? Yeah, this is just as bad. How the hell do you know its working for the model when you over blur it or do not ever show their real lashes.
Look for the god haze on those commercials.
I seen older commercials and it was hardly that way.
This I think recently happened.
now for me to edit plenty times when this is posted even though I have edited this post 3 times before hand.

Michelle phan & the Phail Form(not blog)Gothic doll

I went to this blog out of suspicion; maybe even curious for why so much hate. But I went and it wasn`t so much of hate but of disappointed fans. I saw the proof and became disappointed on how much a liar she really is, even a bully, a shallow person and over all a “bad” attention seeker. I came on and became a member later to put some input of my own on how I was a fan as well and am sorry to find out about the bunny and the way she handles conflict to younger followers. Even the fake I came to see in her more recent videos.

Then it went south from there. The members hurry like rabid fans but as opposite. Finding anything to comment and hate on, bully and do exactly what she is doing to some others. They have became much more worst. And I am very sorry for their being.

Here is some waiting for the re-uploading of that Gothic Lolita doll.
Click for bigger
Here is basically the after

But dont worry there are still humans left.

And some that even notice the difference in the form

Here some that do the same what they claim Michelle to do to others. Call on physical appearance. Not the post itself but the implying many others do it all the time

This is basically better

What this have taught me?
No matter what, you can`t help but become what you hate.
Here is another one. Maybe you are what you hate.
Or yet another. Sometimes we just make mistakes. It just takes time to see or even correct them.