Asian products dark skin

I am always curious on how most asian products look on darker skin, kind of like how bbcream looked. Since I know there is no way the asian market itself will make products for our skin I can send my curiosity somewhere else. 
I have read somewhere that asian makeup, mostly korean and japanese makeup, is more better than the western makeup. Their drugstore makeup passes ours and so far they are right. They also take it more seriously with whats on their skin like chemicals and the such and they love natural ingredients more than us here in america and that makes me happy. 
Then again I cant read it so all I can review is on how the product actually looks on my skin and if I get a rash or and infection ill report that as well. 
A lens review for this soon
Ive bought all the makeup from
I recommend this mostly because its cute and it actually works for my lips. Is very smooth, buttery and it does moisturize but still not for long, I do have to re apply. 

I dont recommend this much. I can get this anywhere, there is nothing special and its not black enough for my skin. The sharpener is something new to me though.

Get this, its a really good everyday palette and it makes your eye shine in the right way. It is not glittery it is more of an ocean glimmer in the sunset. The brown is perfect and the darker colors compliment it. I say use two colors at a time because after three it gets muddy. If you want to see more than 3 colors use a matte color from another pallet with this.  
The brown is a great base color.

Thats all of the makeup, I want to do more of these post so look out for more.

Photos from that video 

 I am wearing the Tony Moly here.
The lashes can be found on eBay by “Butterflybeauty168” lashes 004A and 920A

 What I feel I look like is kyary. Maybe because its so simple and natural in a way compared to what I actually wear.

Asian makeup review Suki- Sayoko Ozaki- Convention

It is only fair to have a compared picture that is also photoshop. The difference is I can go as far as Sayoko’s picture when it comes to shopping, its just I feel weird doing it; as I always do.

Here is how it came to me, love the packaging I have no clue why it is just hard plastic.

Here is the back of the packaging, I have palette #2 and I plan to get the blue one as well which I think is pallete #1; there is a green one as well. I Just wanted the natural one for once
To my surprise it came with a mirror, which is sweet and perfect for traveling.

The diferene from my american brand eyeshadow is it is smooth smooth smooth. Even the black that seems to have glitter is smooth. Its almost like a very fine powder like powdered sugar.
All is shimmery except on the brownish black and on dark skin it looks wonderful, thank allah its not frosty.
You know how the japanese put on thier eyeshadow like a gradiant because they are trying to achive the fake eye crease or what I think is since most of the shadow wont be seen without closing your eyes they will gradiant up to get to the part of the eyeshadow that will be shown when the eyes is open. They also dont use brushes that much (the sponge is whats used) and I used my brushes for this look. 
It took me awhile to get this gradient since im so used to doing it the western way and let me tell you this pallete is great for dark skin, I am surprised.

Another asian makeup product I bought, maybe I should review this cutie too. 
Its a lip balm. (not wearing it in these photos, im wearing one of the revlon lip butters. Swatches on past post)

Well thats all. 
Im back on track…..Oh also 
My shop is kind of open. It is on its test run
Only 3 products so far and while at the convention everyone though it was chokers and most wanted me to make chokers. I guess im making chokers in the future as well

okay im an artist im not a seamstress, im not too proud of this so im buying a corset and paint a design on that for the boston con. Oh also made that choker waist thingy. It attach to a chain on the bottom.

okay I love you bye bye