Michelle phan new video is a lie

Her new video (Fresh spring look) is in full HD. That is awesome, I have that but for some reason youtube dont want mine so I guess it is for if you are partnered. Is she really that self conscious of herself. Soon as the video started you are like what the hell…its too damn blurry. I mean blur in the right spots which is the back ground and in specific parts of her face which exclude the eyes lips and some other areas. She claimed

First off she is lying she is using a effect that is blurring out her blemishes. That is right people there is actually Photoshop for videos (dont belive those commercials for skin, look for reviews). It can be an option on the camera (im not sure for that one) or adobe after effects (im sure for this one). For example, you know those cop shows that have that pixelation box over people faces they dont want to expose?

Well that is the same technology just with the blur option. You can make your own face shape with points and draw out the parts you do not want to be blurred like the eyes or the mouth.

Here is another example. What HD 1080p really looks like

Here is Michelle

And here is other youtubers with the same exact option HD 1080p

Dont even have to zoom in for that one you can see the sharp crisp look for the last.
the first screen shot she was moving a bit but still its way more different than phans
Where the hell is that blur…not even one speck of it.

Another example is she uses the night skin routine as the reason why her skill is silky smooth when she uses over 9 products? That is a lie. After a certain amount youll cancel them out and you’ll just be clogging your pores. Ever heard of less is more?

Follow this man he is perfect with makeup, he tells from the heart and will tell you what is crap in products/makeup and what is gold. He says it true youll love him. (look out for his winks)

So why I am upset? You can use this program I mean I would…..well okay I cant because its a makeup tutorial that would be lying for me, but for pictures yeah sure why not. I am mad cause people actully belive she has the perfect skin cause of that video. Yet she is lying through her teeth. Now I did have some problems with her before for lying , back then her videos was gold to me still. I dont care for her makeup ill watch and move on it was entertaining….but to lie like this she became a clown to laugh at. Never would I think she would go this far…..this is just sad. For now on I will never take her seriously. Her past is over and yes people change when they get their money. I just hope if I do get lucky and fall into a deal I stay real with myself. I dont ever want to change into that , but if I do its for the better.
(Im also mad or butt hurt cause she will find a way out of her lies with other lies. Shes a freak)

Also….dont she look differnet, or sick , higher eye folds, eyes way more lighter than ever eve if she was by natural light before?

Michelle phan & the Phail Form(not blog)Gothic doll

I went to this blog out of suspicion; maybe even curious for why so much hate. But I went and it wasn`t so much of hate but of disappointed fans. I saw the proof and became disappointed on how much a liar she really is, even a bully, a shallow person and over all a “bad” attention seeker. I came on and became a member later to put some input of my own on how I was a fan as well and am sorry to find out about the bunny and the way she handles conflict to younger followers. Even the fake I came to see in her more recent videos.

Then it went south from there. The members hurry like rabid fans but as opposite. Finding anything to comment and hate on, bully and do exactly what she is doing to some others. They have became much more worst. And I am very sorry for their being.

Here is some waiting for the re-uploading of that Gothic Lolita doll.
Click for bigger
Here is basically the after

But dont worry there are still humans left.

And some that even notice the difference in the form

Here some that do the same what they claim Michelle to do to others. Call on physical appearance. Not the post itself but the implying many others do it all the time

This is basically better

What this have taught me?
No matter what, you can`t help but become what you hate.
Here is another one. Maybe you are what you hate.
Or yet another. Sometimes we just make mistakes. It just takes time to see or even correct them.

Is whoring/sex our era or just a phase

I do not think education is here for us in the era of 2000. Its all about drama.
I am guilty myself of liking drama,but I do not make a life out of it and I have reality shows for the filling already. Also my grammar is of a Jr high I may think for myself, but working very hard on that. Yes judge me, ill try to care.

-girl wants money for college and only got the amount of cents.

-girl who wants a breast job gets it in a jiffy (peanut butter)

I know men love breast but really? Are we stuck with the mentality of women still as sex and objects. Forget education we dont need it. Lets hop on it for our first years of being young and soon as children and aging occur, on to the next girl. btw, how are you going to maintain your breast now when your old and not desired.

Yet education last much longer, and this girl is on the bridge of 200k in debt yelling for help. (I fell so much for her I want to go back to college bad, but without enough money its basically impossible, I may have to get books and hit the library and save for my computer and learn myself).

In order to get money for like say education or even for playful things, you have to show your sex. Could be sexy “look at you tube minx and her cleavage, then look at the comments…all milk still left on upper lip boys”
cuteness “look at magibon and that new one”
fake people ” look at Xiaxue and Michelle phan” and dont forget the drama
which involved “xx and mp”

Its either you become sheep or find another way for girls to follow that dont involve college “which equals money” and showing off the goods.

But I can give XX gives truth. With this drama come along and people adore this. So look out world maybe we have something here. I`ll have to be true because no matter the path taken, you`ll have haters either way.