e.Lips.f. review and application

So I finally got my lens in the mail in which have gave me inspiration to do makeup and a review on the cheap 1$ e.l.f. lipsticks at my local target.

I have four out of six.
I couldn’t find the others, I mean it is only 1$
I could buy a whole collection with that.

I also have a video coming up showing the swatches/application.
I will mention it smells like kool aid or candy
(maybe around the time I tell my brother to say hi to the camera.)
It is very smooth and will last as long as you like

I also got the gloss and a cover girl brozer (which had rave reviews) from the queen collection (the darkest one). I dont see much a difference maybe because im dark already but it does give a kind of glow to your face. The Revlon color stay is amazing

Picture time!!!!

I will have a tutorial next post of this whole look
…more of a process one not much a tutorial.

not much aye…wait till you see my other post >.<
Anyway, thanks for reading or viewing.