Persona Lee: Lash Picture Review

So I decided I wanted to make preety pictures and I didnt want to be fake, or Glee be fake. So I made a persona “Lee” (which is a favorite name from the fifth element not from glee) so I can photoshop the hell out of her and people will know it was photoshopped without me posting photoshopped. Photoshop for lee is just the blur. There is no altering of my eye shape, nose or mouth. I dont believe in that and I want to look as human as I can if anything…even though in all honestly I like the vampire look.
Vampires was once human though, right?

I never understood lashes over the price of 5$ not including shipping.

But lets see whats the fuss

Ever tried bitting them open?

Here they are.

there are a difference, but nothing special.

these tongs are the best, 2$ on ebay.

one is longer than the other

they are cute

but not worth the 18$

So I will be stacking them on top my 5$ lashes I just got from ebay. 
I think ill review those next time and will provide the ebayer I got them from. They are so pretty.

I also drew some fan art im thinking of making into a shirt for myself. I see allot of characters being remade into punk, goth and pastel goth characters. I want a bubbles one

and in the process of coloring 


Yeah yeah, no talkie more with the picties. I haven’t edited any because one, that is way too much work, and two I think all of us who attended own it and I want them to be able to use this for their blogs or avatars or what ever. But mostly the first reason.

I wanted to video tape……video tape?  I mean record and take pictures at the same time so most of them can be blurry because that is exactly what I did. The last set was indoors and it was red and I had to set it to catch us all in the dark, and if you move the camera while taking photos you’ll get this blur as well. All in all I didnt prepare, I did but I’m bad at camera settings for now.

As for the giveaway it will be soon announced who’s the winner and will come before the meet video.

See, didnt even rotate the damn picture
This is how I get ready after 3 meets now. You’ll have to lay out everything down to your underwear and deodorant. There are chances when you forget to put on deodorant because you are in a hurry and think you are late. I forgot to put on perfume but the roll on I left in my bag saved me. Well kind of I wasn’t smelling I just didnt have perfume on and I wanted it cause its pretty smelling.

She is catching her jumps haha. This is Saiharii

I plan on getting lace glue in the future. I didnt need it before but for styling in the future I think I do. Im trying to protect my natural hair you see, so when im 50 years of age ill still have most of my hair line.  



Uwaa and boobs…I mean Malia
Purple is Uwaa’s
Black is Abisag’s

This was taken by a passer by. She take pictures of legs for her instagram. 
I e-mailed it from her phone.
Glee (me)
Uwaa has taken this picture with long nails and a dying battery HOW?
My eye makeup
There are allot of picture so Im going to clip it here to avoid lag on my front page

yeah setting the camera here XD


We set camp from the drizzle

And re-apply anything that was needed.
My makeup survived for the whole day along with lens YAY

My camera did some puri thing here

we loved their outfits they loved ours

Special appearance Ashley XD

the guy who knew what cosplay was.

Tama-chan re made Paulette as a princess

and we’re off

for breakfast. 1$ pizza.

the struggle

the struggle again.


queen and princess

I wonder what he’s thinking

Gem is here

hahaha that face 

Cleopatra ia here as well

this is before tama knew what she has done.
Abi has perfect manba derp face

but its fixed now, uwaa broght nail glue

her friend made this

it was so pretty

I dont know why this is funny

China town

yeah everyone turned our way is all of us in the group

FINALLY a full sized mirror. Time to whore

Sai’s freind took this one

Got this bag off ebay, brilliant bag
full pockets and all

old asain lady loved her nails. Said something about it having good luck
walking through little italy……the cat calls man.

This place, thanks Paulette. Im going back for more

end of the night, lens and makeup off. My lens was out after the last group pictures.

they were doing para para. I taped the practice.

Its serious time. FOOD!!!!!

Last pictures of the day


My knees said no

There is an all cat picture of this on tumblr
This, I need to learn this.
So yeah I got to go back to finishing up someones blog design….
Okay I love you, bye bye

Update: July 12

header made by Sai I think
Dont worry I am still going to get that wig to review, its just so many things in between 
and on top of that I may have soon either
loads of pictures from the summer meet tomorrow 
Video footage of the meet 

Hosted by Saiharii and some Malia 
So ill have some blogging to do, but here is a heads up


Some of you know already i’ll be working on costumes for the labor day parade (mentored by baby I was the designer but next time ill have to do everything alone T.T) so summer blogs may not be updated as much as it suppose to. I also have a cosplay I have not started on yet ugh. But im happy and im busy that the best way to live life, for me at least I am so thankful
Think this is the first time I posted my mom Baby lates on the far left and her husband in the middle with me